A Fun Class Experiment!

Today is Valentine’s Day ……. *crickets chirping*

Moving on… I have some news! This semester I’m taking a really amazing class on social media and one of the assignments/projects that we’re supposed to be working on in class is starting and maintaining a blog. Since I already have a blog, my professor said that I didn’t need to open a new one (thank goodness because I have way too much stuff to do). I think I’m going to have to get him some presents to say thank you for not making me open a new one, as that would have been a pain. Anyway, over the next couple of weeks we might be getting some interesting new visitors (a.k.a. some of my social media classmates) who might come poking around our corner of the Internet in order to look at my blog. I’m not stupid. I know how many people use the internet, and the majority of them use it every day. I do. Just last year, approximately 2 million people worldwide had used the internet during the year (click here for more statistics). And this is only going to grow with every passing year. I just hope that a small portion of these people decide to check out my blog. I hope they do, as it will hopefully help give me some more traffic and might mean that I get some more followers! It would make life a bit easier, but I did learn something new the other day, and that is that if I wanted to, there are companies out there that can help grow instagram followers (or other social media accounts), this would definitely be something that I might look into in the future. In fact, I’ve already started looking online for companies that help to grow your social media reach. A friend of mine even told me about a company called SidesMedia that specializes in expanding different social media accounts, even newer platforms like TikTok.

We also have to do a bunch of posts related to class so I’m going to be exploring a number of topics that I don’t usually discuss on this blog but that nonetheless interest me, so less agonising and more social media! I’m really excited about this because I’ve been wanting to do posts about the Nigerian social media scene, especially since Blogville is such a huge part of it and essentially what started it, and we’ve produced so many amazing people that are doing awesome things in social media like OoNwoye who founded the digital business card system OnePage, and is now working on his second startup Lotaar or Chinedu Ottih (a Loyola Person) who founded Identified. (which by the way you should all join ASAP!)

A few changes:

Because my classmates now significantly increase the number of non-Nigerians who read this blog, I’m going to add another page to the blog which will be a glossary of Nigerian terms that I frequently use on this blog and what they mean.

I’m also probably going to be referencing a lot more since some posts will count for class.

That aside I’m pretty much going to be blogging as always. Oh, but my posts will be more regular because I have to turn in a posting schedule for class.

If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see me cover, let me know.

Please make our visitors feel welcome and be nice. ^_^



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  1. Sisi Yemmie ™

    I will be on here more frequently! U do need to teach me a bit on social media. What is it ure studying? I was meant to make a social media portfolio but i had no clue what it was about…..looking forward to ur upcoming posts

  2. LucidLilith

    Jeez girl, you are so brave. I cannot allow anyone not associated with blogville to know I have a blog and tell them where it is at. Image the confusion!

    The blog me is separate from the professional me who is separate from LL the student.

  3. Ginger

    I think you’re brave to let your class in on your oh-so-personal blog. but on the positive side, they re going to learn so much about Nigeria. good luck with it!

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