The Hotness of Emeka Iheme … and Other Igbo Men

So it appears that some time over the Christmas/Winter break, Geraldine Iheme (whom I did not know had ever been a Big Brother housemate but obviously am now finding out) had a book launch to fête the release of her first novel. 

Geraldine Iheme (far right) and her family

Being that her brother is Emeka Iheme, the event (predictably) turned into a Loyola Affair. For those who are confused, a “Loyola Affair” occurs whenever a person who attended Loyola Jesuit College (such as myself, Bob-Ij, Mellowyel, Nosa, Nmachi Jidenma, Bez, etc… or in this case, Emeka Iheme) or a person very closely related or affiliated with a former LJC person (in this case Geraldine Iheme – Emeka Iheme’s sister) does anything significant or that involves publicity and it is subsequently overrun by Loyola People and their associates.

Like so:


Chizor Dike
Antonia and Ronami Egirani

Nneka Agbim, Kenny Isichei, and Joan Ezeoba

Emeka Iheme

Emeka Iheme and undoubted Loyola Associates

Loyola Associates

Anyway, it’s exciting that more young Nigerians are expressing themselves boldly in so many different ways, and I am very happy for Geraldine. Her book launch was covered by Bella Naija so it is bound to get some good and well-deserved publicity. What is really interesting however, is that the comments on Bella Naija (and the commenters on Bella Naija are legendary for their…um…comments) very quickly veered away from discussing the actual book launch and the book to a detailed analysis of Emeka Iheme’s hotness:

Like so:

Emeka Iheme was in my class for three years and the word that always sprang to mind first whenever I thought about him was … goofy. Probably because he was always laughing and messing about and making jokes (often at my expense too) but since thanks to Bella Naija he is now on the radar of all Internet-using Nigerian women, allow me to furnish you with some unsolicited examples of Emeka Iheme’s hotness.

(This is more the Emeka I remember)

I’m betting this post stays up until Emeka catches me… which given the number of Loyola people hanging around my corner of the Internet, I am estimating will take eight hours max. So, enjoy the hotness of Emeka Iheme while you can, and I hope that they convince you and not confuse you on the equal hotness of Other Igbo Men.

Update: If you are interested in stalking Emeka Iheme, follow him on Twitter @theboyemeka

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  1. eccentricyoruba

    Lol, you’re too funny. It’s great to see you’re feeling better.

    One thing though with the picture of Emeka and those two girls which you tagged ‘undoubted Loyola Associates’…I don’t know about the girl on the right but the woman on the left is Jen from BBA. She’s from Mozambique!

  2. Beautiful

    Sugabelly love…swthrt…fine girl…haha…u knw m ur blog friend, let’s discuss about emeka iheme in private nau! dude is smoking HOT! as in ehn when i first saw his pic on bella naija, i was like WOW! didn’t know any geraldine was in BB house doe but dats not the koko, d ish is this fine dude! *sigh*

  3. tout noir

    Wow! It has been ages since I have been on your blog. I am so happy for you (the last time we were in touch, you were in a bad place and there didn’t seem to be light at the end of the tunnel!). So happy you’ve blossomed into the fantastic young woman that you are!!!! Take care and rock on… xoxo

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