Questions and Answers Part 2

Good luck! I like your posts this year – you sound so much happier! I’m so glad.

Thank you!! ^_^

Hi Sugabelly. I have been following your blog for the past 4 months now and I must say you are trully a gifted artist and writer. I’d love to know how you started drawing bc I have always wanted to know how to, but quite can’t! I am able to visually hold

Thank you so much. I’m glad you like my drawings. I think artistic ability is about 40% natural ability and 60% hard work. I have always been able to draw (since I was born) but for many years I didn’t draw and then when I tried I found out that I couldn’t. I had to relearn how to draw. It was a very painful process for me but I kept at it because I have always loved drawing more than anything else. My advice would be to get some good how to books that show how to look at the body and link all the parts together mentally. I probably will do a post soon about drawing or how to draw. Look out for it!

not a question. but a comment. just want to say i discovered ur blog today and already love it. thot i was the only manga loving nigerian girl out there. plus ru work is AMAZINGLY good. u’ll definitely go far in life.

Thanks! I love manga and anime, especially Inuyasha, Hagane no, and Jigoku Shoujo!

what espescially interests you about art

I think the fact that you can bring the ideas you see in your head to life on paper. Good art that has an interesting concept and is beautifully executed is breathtaking.

Please give a update on your hair. Could you show some pics, and share what products you are using?
My hair is currently in braids. After the disaster last January it fell out for most of the year so I just did some deep moisturising with Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk and put it in braids until it’s done breaking and starts growing out healthily again. I think I took some pictures when I had it out. I’ll see if I can find them and put them up.

what books did/do you use to practice your drawing techniques?
Actually I practise mostly by doing the drawing tutorials on DeviantArt. Just go to DeviantArt and type in tutorial and hundreds of them will come up. Besides that there are a lot of great books that I have.

Draw Comics with Dick Giordano really helped me and got me started. Another great book is Incredible Comics with Tom Nguyen. Of course you want to take figure drawing classes if you can and draw from live models. If you can’t take classes, just force your friends and family to pose for you. If they don’t agree, tie them up in various positions, duct tape their mouths so they can’t scream for help and draw them anyway.

A friend convinced me to blog my experiences and I just started. Its What are the challenges i should expect?

It’s great that you’re starting a blog. Good for you! Probably the biggest challenge of blogging is writing posts that speak your mind but that are still interesting enough to engage people. That, and getting through the days when you simply cannot think of anything to blog about.

where can you be contacted?

I have a form on my blog where you can send me messages on the Contact Me page of my blog.

there is a girl i luv but she got a boyfriend

That’s really sad. I think we’ve all been in the same position before. Good luck with it. I hope it turns out okay for you. Who knows maybe some day in the future if she’s not still with her boyfriend she might end up with you. For now you might have to enjoy videos from sites like to keep your lust under control.

oops sorry, i was tryin to search for that, placed it in the wrong box:)

*shaking my head*



I read some of the questions…Do you ever get hurt by the comments/questions people post? Is your heart fragile?

Sometimes people can be asses but that’s life no? I ignore them when they’re just being mean.

Why dont u put up pics on ur blog?

My blog has LOADS of pictures. Are you sure you have the right blogger?

Which do you think is more likely: Love without sex or love without money?
Love without money is far more likely IMHO.

what is your opinion on virginity in women? do you think a girl who has had oral sex or anal sex but not vaginal sex is still a virgin?

Nope. Sex is sex right? There are plenty of videos about it at websites like that show ‘virgins’ and I think it is just clever marketing. Plus, there are so many different ways to have sex nowadays. For example, some people like to use sex toys like vibrators, and kinks and fetishes are spoken about a lot more frequently. One of my friends even likes to take part in role play. Check out this guide to role play to learn more:

have you seen the thisday awards list? what do you think – this is my opinion

I actually have not seen the thisday awards list so unfortunately I don’t have an opinion on it. =( …… Now that I think about it, this makes me sad.

Do you have any regrets?

Loads. But I can’t turn back time so whatever.

What is the significance of the Igbo makeup?

Erm… it’s the same as every other kind of make up out there? Sorry I don’t get the question. Igbo makeup is meant to make women look beautiful.

I know some people say “they don’t live with regrets… blah blah”, BUT if you could take back one thing/event that happened in your life, what would you change?

I would take back the whole drama with HL. I would just rather not be fighting with anybody right now. Better amiable friends than bitter lovers.

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  1. luminessenze

    Hey, i’ve been reading your blog for about 2 years now (under different names though), I am really happy for you, were are now, evidence that it does get better. Anyways off to read the bride price post. take care

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