Merry Christmas!

To everyone that’s currently in Nigeria, I am so jealous of you all!!!
Last night I invited my Japanese friends over and treated them to Christmas dinner of Jollof rice and chicken stew and Christmas cake (which Sulihp and I made by the way – well except the cake which we bought)
They loved it but they had to take sips of water every few seconds and fan their mouths afterwards ( their lips were so red!!! ^_^)
And Mellowyel sent me a wonderful Christmas present which arrived yesterday.
with this lovely note
It’s an amazing manga about a single thirty year old guy who takes in his grandfather’s six-year old illegitimate love child after his grandfather dies.
It’s such a sweet story and very well done.
I’m so happy!! Thank you so much!!!
I’m happy with the gifts that I gave to people too. PLus, I saved money by using!

Okay so finals are way over and I’m glad because finals week kicked my ass so bad.
I was stuck making prints for my Printmaking final in the dead of the night with H.L.
We literally cut lino blocks until our fingers bled.


This wouldn’t come out right but I think I just gave up at this point.
I was so tired.
Printmaking is manual labour. It’s worse than farming.
Now that finals are over I can draw to my heart’s content.
I’m working on something new.


Oh by the way my Wacom Intuos4 arrived!!
I totally have to do a post about that! ^_^


I love how much detail I can get in with this..


Drawing on a screen is a bit tricky but I think I’m quite used to it.
There was a very short learning curve.


Inking is a bit trickier because it requires a steady hand (something rather difficult to achieve with a tablet)


Now that I have the tablet, it takes me hours and days to complete a drawing instead of mere minutes with pencil and paper.
I guess it’s because of all the extra detail so I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.


Alright everyone, this is just to confirm that I’m alive and haven’t run away to Japan.
Sulihp and I are spending Christmas together in my dorm room.
Have an amazing Christmas!

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