Work In Progress: Yoruba Girl

I hate to do super complicated drawings but I have to challenge myself more. This isn’t complete. I still have to draw the designs on her clothes and the motifs on the fan. I’m very happy about this drawing because I sketched it last night when I was supposed to be studying for my Management exam and I didn’t use any kind of image references. I didn’t look at anything; I drew it completely from my head. I just pulled out my sketchbook because I was fed up with studying and drew this on the fly in about ten minutes flat. Today I did the inking, and I just finished the preliminary ink.

This was the drawing earlier today:


So, for all my Yoruba friends and all the Yoruba members of Blogsville – here’s a Yoruba girl trying on her Igbo best friend’s clothes. ^_^

Update:  NakedSha said we should name her so please make suggestions
What should her name be?
Post your suggestions below (Yoruba names only please ^_^)

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  1. NakedSha

    I have to leave a comment.
    This is beautiful. Would you color it in at all? If not, it’s lovely enough.

    Her face has to be my favorite feature and it’s very much like mine.

    Kudos, Sugabelly

  2. Zena

    Name Her Morenikeji

    or Kanyinsola or Folasade…na…I like Kayinsola or Morenikeji

    You should try drawing an Edo probably Benin Girl, complete with okuku and Beads..

    Would you sell any of your drawings? or give them to me perhaps?lol.

    I love them

  3. Wild Boy

    Y’all are too tush, the names i was expecting i’ll dish out pwetty soon, take it from someone who served you know, NYSC in OYO
    1. Amope….they have sober looing faces somehow shomehow
    2. Asani…..
    3. Asake…
    4. Akanpe
    5. Akanke
    6. Abike

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