Nigerian Fiction Has a New Banner … and Other Art

So I finally put up the Adventure banner on Nigerian Fiction. I’d been procrastinating forever but I completed it and put it up. It’s not my favourite banner (Mellowyel also didn’t like it and pointed out that it looked too bland and needed more detail – I agree) but at least now it’s out of my way and I can work on other things. Maybe later on I’ll go back to it and add more detail, but right now I’m just thankful it’s done.

Here’s the rough work in graphite

Inking done

Cleaned up
You can view the final banner on the Nigerian Fiction website
I have a million different things in my sketchbooks that I just work on now and again, so some of these are old but I’m uploading them now before I procrastinate again.
This is a self portrait I did a while ago of what I wore to class that day.
When it comes to America’s freezing weather, comfort trumps style .. any day.
Experimenting with a new style of inking/colouring where you don’t show depth on certain parts of the drawing but instead flat ink them black
I did this a while back. I wanted to try a more manga-like style of drawing eyes (basically freakin’ HUGE eyes) so I did this girl.
In case you’re wondering why the drawing is blue, I bought a new drawing pencil that’s really a special Non-Photo Blue colour pencil. It’s what professional artists use to make rough drafts and you can ink over it but when you photocopy or scan the drawing, only the black ink is picked up by the scanner and the blue doesn’t appear at all.
Pretty cool huh?
Adding hair

Full body

Close up

Clothes added
I had to adjust the sleeves

Inking done and signature added
I love, love these bigger eyes. I kind of messed up her lip while inking though.

Coloured with Copics!! ^_^ 
But I messed up her right (your left) thigh! T_T
I was trying out a new technique for making the body look oily/shiny by leaving certain highlighted portions white, but I think my hand slipped or something because I accidentally shaded over the part that was meant to be white.
This was a serious case of oversabi houseboy with the Copics.
Totally Random: I got a really cute day planner for next year!! ^_^
I actually did this drawing for Mellowyel on her birthday but I never showed it to her (or maybe I did). She loves music so I wanted to do something music themed. It’s the same girl from the last drawing (the one with the messed up thigh). It’s a fusion of tradition and modern so I’ve got her playing an Oboaka ( traditional Igbo thumb piano) that’s hooked up to giant headphones.
This is one type of traditional Igbo thumb piano. 
Sorry I couldn’t find a larger sized image.
These are modern versions of the thumb piano from Burkina Faso
These are new. I did them in printmaking class today because I couldn’t think of anything to draw for my prints.Also, I was bored. But I’m sad because my eraser is missing and that means that I wasn’t able to clean my ink!!
In progress

Inking complete
I have a management exam in the morning and I haven’t studied. I see an all-nighter in my future. FML.

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  1. F and M

    My favourite hands down is the music-themed one… The girl is sooo beautiful and she seems so free and at ease. I love it. I need to make a friend who can draw ASAP.

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