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So I signed up for an art class (^_^). I’ve been wanting to take an art class in uni forever so I finally signed up for a printmaking class since the only drawing class is a beginners class and I need to learn advanced techniques in drawing if anything.

I’m loving my printmaking class so far and it’s really really interesting learning about all the different printmaking techniques but I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately since I haven’t been able to draw anything useful. I honestly was afraid I was going to fail this class because I’ve only made one print so far but today I finally got an idea to draw something to make into a print ( and I’m probably going to make it into a Dinka t-shirt if it works out how I envision it).

There is  one little thing about my class though and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Some days I feel nervous about it and some days I feel good about it.

There are only two students in my class. 

HL is the other student. 

Here’s my work in progress. I decided I wanted to convert traditional Nigerian (in this case Bini) sculpting and carving styles into a stylized drawing. If I finish tonight I’ll post an update with the completed work:


Okay, all done!! Now I just have to cut out all the black bits in order to make the stencil for my print. I think I can go to sleep tonight feeling like I accomplished something ^_^

Yay Bini dude!!

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  1. Anyaposh

    this stuff is kinda cool. Nice! I like how the 2nd bini dude has ripples that look like waves for a neck.

    P.S: I think we have a mutual friend on facebook. I found you! LOL.

  2. sugabelly

    Thanks everyone! I think I can handle being in class with HL (at least it’s worked so far).

    @Temite: I’m working on Dinka! I’m working! I’m working…oooh wait, there’s something on TV ^_^

    Will let you know once Dinka is back up and running

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