Dear Bethany Storro

Those of us who live in America may or may not have heard about a charming young lady named Bethany Storro.

In case you did not know, about a week ago, Bethany Storro was rushed to the hospital/burn centre/whatever with terrible acid burns on her face.

According to Bethany Storro, a BLACK woman came up to her with something in a cup and said “Hey PRETTY girl, do you want to drink this?” and then threw acid from the cup onto her face burning her and scarring her permanently.

Also according to this same Bethany Storro, this black woman had the look of JEALOUSY in her eyes when she attacked her with the acid. According to Bethany Storro, this black woman was JEALOUS of her (even though this Black woman had never met her in her life)


This sparked a hunt for the evil black woman who had hurt poor innocent white Bethany and it unleashed a flood of racist and downright cruel Internet backlash against black women with thousands of people on Internet forums across America calling black women ugly, saying that we are jealous of white women, and that white women are better and prettier than us and that’s why we are bitter and that it must have been this jealousy, bitterness, and anger about how beautiful white women are that drove the ugly, evil black woman to attack an innocent beautiful white girl.


Watch as an innocent unknown Black Woman is reduced to less than a human being because of this stupid, narcissistic, amazingly daft white woman

See how the black woman has been made a “nigger bitch” while the white woman is a human female worthy of being defended and protected?

And of course they were praising her too… for her “bravery”, “heroism”, “courage”, and for being “an inspiration”
What. The. Fuck. Ever.

I have written posts before about how black women in the world (and especially America) are unfairly and unjustly portrayed as ugly, undesirable, bitter, and jealous, and how women of all other races are classed above us and white women are unfairly placed at the top of the pyramid of beauty and undeservedly venerated as the most beautiful women in the world.

This very idea is of course, the product of centuries of white racism and racist propaganda in which they flooded the world with this message so consistently that not only do they and other races believe it, but they have managed to damage the self esteem of black people collectively (resulting in behaviours such as relaxing hair and applying bleaching creams – but let’s not even get into that)

What baffles and saddens me is that even though this idea is so obviously racist, so many people all over the world are all to happy to continue believing it and judging people according to it. When Bethany Storro claimed that a black woman had randomly attacked her with acid, hordes and HORDES of people came out to insult black women and praise white women without a thought. Yet I’m sure if you met any of those people in person they would quickly deny being racist, yet they willingly believe a woman’s sketchy story and condemn a suspect not even proven guilty yet just because they have already stereotyped black women into a tiny little box with only a few descriptions – ugly, unfeminine, undesirable, bitter, jealous of white women , and they are more than happy to lap up a cock and bull story that fits nicely with their preconceived stereotype.

Yet so many Americans love to swear up and down that they are not racist, that they don’t see race, that they are colour blind, that America is post racial, that Obama is president, blah, blah, blah.

Save me the bullshit. Just because Obama is president does not mean that racism magically evaporated from the hearts of Americans. Just because it is now unfashionable to be publicly called a racist does not mean that Americans don’t joyfully indulge in private racism. What annoys me is that they can’t even admit their bigotry. They hide it behind all sorts of complicated names and try to make it seem as if the hateful things they say are borne purely out of logic.

When Bethany Storro came out with her story all sorts of white people were running up and down desperate to call it a Hate Crime (i.e. saying that Bethany was targeted because she was white). Not only that but they equally tried to frame it as though Bethany was targeted because as a white woman she was therefore undoubtedly pretty/beautiful, in contrast to this nasty black woman who no doubt was ugly as well as jealous.

In other words, they used the story of Ms. Storro’s attack to further support the racist agenda that white women are more beautiful than black women and black women are just jealous of white women.

What is annoying is that this sort of thinking helps people to simply ignore the fact that if black women are angry it is beyond justified. It is justified because as far as anything concerning women, femininity, beauty, sex appeal, desirability, etc is concerned, Black women are by far the most marginalised group of women ever… all to the benefit of white women. It is also hurtful because it brushes aside the fact that non-white people are regularly victims of racist attacks or foul play by whites. It brushes aside the pain of black women who have unfairly been typecast as inferior to white women by trying to write their very real suffering off as ‘just jealousy’.

Now Bethany Storro has confessed that she made the whole thing up and SHE was the one who poured the acid on HERSELF.

See it on CNN:

Are we surprised? Fuck no.

Maybe nobody died but how many black people (especially black women) chopped insult because of this stupid white woman?

I am so sick and tired of racist white women that try to manipulate everyone to have sympathy for them to the detriment of black women (and black people in general) all while denying their racism. If a white girl starts crying for no reason, watch and see how many people will rush to comfort her but if a black girl starts crying for no reason, she had better hope some of her friends are around because they will be the only people to come and ask her what the matter is.

And you know what? I am not surprised because this is not the first time it has happened. This has been happening in America over and over and over again. And who are the victims? Innocent black people. And when there is no actual black person to fall victim, then the reputation of ALL black people in America falls victim because there will be no end to the people that will just conclude that “black people are always committing crimes” or “black people are evil and dangerous” etc etc.

Are we surprised? Fuck as hell no.

April 2010 – A white woman kills her baby and falsely accuses a random black man of kidnapping the child

May 2009 – A white woman runs away to Disney Land with her daughter and falsely claims a black man kidnapped them

October 2008 – A white woman cut the letter B into her own face and then falsely claimed that a black man robbed her, beat her, and cut the B into her face to force her into supporting Barack Obama

December 2009 – A white woman who killed her roommate falsely accused a Congolese man of being the murderer

October 1994 – A white woman drowns her two children then claims that a black man carjacked her and killed her sons

October 1989 – A white man kills his pregnant wife in order to use her for insurance fraud. He then shoots himself and claims that a black man attacked him and his wife, killing her and shooting him.

May 2010 – A white POLICE OFFICER shoots himself and then claims that it was a random black man that shot him

And there are hundreds of other cases like this. These ones are just those that received major press attention.

Racism in America is bullshit. Racism anywhere is shocking, but if you grew up in a place like Nigeria where the colour of your skin was the last thing on your mind, it’s especially disgusting and mind boggling.

So, Dear Bethany Storro,

Clap for yourself.

Shegiya. Waka. Amadioha kugbuo gi anu ofia.



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  1. iphyigbogurl


    I have no words for this kind of foolishness!!

    how can someone just pour acid on their face like dat and blame it on a black woman for no reason….

    you said it best..ka Amadiohia kugbuo that anumpama ofuma… ashili!!

    Racism is still very very very much around in this America..only, it’s become hidden now

  2. LaPenseuse

    Only yesterday, a friend of mine witnessed a white woman call a black woman “shit of a nigger” in the store and when the black woman reacted by trying to slap her, she was the one who got rebuffed by onlookers. No one said anything about the racism, they were all more concerned about the angry black woman. This happened in Switzerland. I can’t seem to understand why there is so much hate… to the point where people like this Storro sketchball would make stuff up…

  3. kilgore

    As an American reader, the ideas you present in this piece are quite interesting, and I’m honestly feeling a little bit of internet culture shock as the thought of Nigerian young people discussing America’s cultural woes had never begun to occur to me.

    Growing up here, I feel that everyone–at least in youth–has the mentality that it is all the other countries that have problems to be solved by the US, not vice versa. So thanks for putting me and the United States of my Brain back into place.

    Actually, your blog in itself was a wonderful surprise earlier today. I am just finishing up Achebe’s Arrow of God (a wonderful, wonderful read) for my African Literature class and was doing a google image search for the Igbo when I happened across the pictures of you in Igbo makeup.

    I must say that you are one beautiful representation of an innately beautiful people.

    Anyways, I felt a need to leave my mark somewhere on your blog after enjoying it so much. And as much as racism does continue in America, I certainly feel that one can see it getting better with each new generation. Even now it’s far better than some of those articles would have you believe.

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