40 Day Master Cleanse: Days 3 and 4

Morning people,

Today is Day 5 of the Master Cleanse and I just weighed myself for completing Day 4 (yesterday). I currently weigh 237.8 lbs (107.86kg) meaning that since the beginning of the Master Cleanse 4 days ago, I have lost 7.6 pounds. On average I have lost about 1.9lbs per day. I have considered using something similar to cleanse drops and alternative ways of aiding my cleanse but for now, I think I will just continue to use the cleanse as it is.

I went to my first therapy session yesterday. It was mostly outlining the problems I’m dealing with and talking about them and making a plan for exploring each issue and addressing it. It felt good to talk instead of keeping it bottled up inside and I ended up crying in the therapist’s office but I left feeling somewhat relieved. I’m going to be attending weekly sessions.

Probably the worst thing about the master cleanse is undoubtedly the Salt Water Flush. It leaves me feeling drained and tired but I just grin and bear it. A friend of mine heard that I was struggling to bear this part and kindly sent over a list of Bio Complete 3 ingredients for me to look at and see if any of them were compatible with my diet as they could possibly be beneficial to making this part slightly easier. Needless to say, she is an angel for this and the support is enough to keep me going. Another friend also mentioned that I could use an Energy Renew coupon to get some healthier oil options, which could be worth getting.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping with my friend. She’s from Indonesia and wanted to get ingredients for Indonesian food and asked me to come with her so I went. It was very very tempting. All the smells of food made my stomach rumble but I resisted and didn’t buy any food. I did use the shopping trip as an opportunity to make note of vegetables, fruits, beans, and other natural organic healthy foods that I am going to transition to once I’m done with the Master cleanse. The plan is to transition to a high protein, high fibre diet with lots of exercise after the cleanse so that I can maintain the weight loss from the cleanse and continue to lose weight until I reach my target weight (125lbs – 56.7kg). I have been suggested to look at a plant based protein powder too, as a supplement.

I know some people are going to say that 56kg is rather low for someone of my height (5ft 11inches) but from experience, people who lose weight often have problems with weight gain after they transition to a normal diet so I’m shooting to be about 5-10 lbs underweight when I finish dieting so that when I transition back to normative eating (and undoubtedly gain some weight as a result of that) when my weight settles it will fall into the normal healthy ideal range.


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  1. leggy

    if you can do it then good for you, i weight 110 and im 5’11” or 6ft not sure.but im just really like that naturally cos people in my family are thin.
    anyway, you do know that the master cleanse has been proven to not really work cos you gain all that weight right back so you need to start doing exercises as soon as you get off the master cleanse or you are guaranteed to gain everything back.you know that right?
    im glad your therapy sessions are going well. you are actually sounding upbeat which i love.
    goodluck dear.

  2. Sting

    Good that u decided to go to therapy. Hopefully, u get a really good therapist and most if not all of ur issues will begin to get sorted out. I’m really happy u took this step!

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