My Apologies

I’m taking a much deserved break and am in Colorado for a convention so I have been MIA for more than a week

I damaged my replacement phone and hotel internet costs a fortune so I have been completely unplugged
It’s alright though… it’s really nice here

My room is really nice and I’m having lots of fun

Although unfortunately, my mess follows me wherever I go

Going to Manhattan tomorrow and I’m gonna stop by at Buka for some pepper soup.
I’ll update fully later with lots of photos I promise.

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  1. El-Divine

    hey thats cool. i live in manhattan and wouldve loved to meet except im going to jersey tomorrow then on to school.
    glad u had a gr8 time
    ! im so going to that Buka before i leave! been dying for nigerian food, i tried cooking some but it came out inedible.

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