A Little While Ago

I bought a book to help me understand better how to draw in Manga style
It’s called The Monster Book of Manga (girls)
and it pretty much shows all the main Manga archetypes and how to draw them (note: beginners can’t use this)
I decided to try out the first archetype today : The Japanese schoolgirl.
Admittedly, I’m happy to be drawing but also frustrated that none of the drawing books I have been able to find ever show you how to draw black people. Basically, as things are right now, ALL the manga and comics books out there on manga style pretty much just assume that everyone in the world is white or Japanese. This even goes for popular hentai that you’d see on www.toonsex.xxx and anime porn sites similar. It is so annoying because there literally is no instruction out there on how to draw Africans (except of course, for stereotypes).
With all my drawing exercises, I’ve been trying to perfect drawing Nigerians by adjusting the instructions slightly (e.g. making the noses wider, making the lips bigger, the hair natural, etc)
so this is what I did with this Japanese school girl. I turned her into a Nigerian school girl.
And then I started thinking: The Japanese schoolgirl in manga is seen as a national sex symbol (kind of like how Ana Hot on cam could be seen as one, too), so why not try it out with a Nigerian school girl.
Inking the pencil work

The Monster Book of Manga

As you can see.. the original was a Japanese school girl, which I’m modifying to create a Nigerian schoolgirl

Hair all done
I gave her braids because Nigerian girls have to have their hair braided for school.
In most schools they are not allowed to wear it loose.
(Note: That’s her natural hair… all of it – yay to propaganda!! ^_^)
P.S. Drawing braids is cruel and unusual punishment. It takes so long… T-T

So I changed the satchel to a backpack (or school bag as we call them in Nigeria) since most Nigerian school girls don’t run around with satchels. They all have backpacks instead.

Drawing all the little lines for the check uniform would have been a nightmare so I did them in pencil but didn’t ink.
To anyone who went to school in Nigeria the check daywear uniform is instantly recognizable and used throughout the country as secondary school daywear so I thought it would be a good choice for my archetypal Nigerian school girl since that uniform really is rather iconic

All cleaned up (except for the uniform which I’m not cleaning to preserve the ‘check’)
Signature added. Yay!! I also gave her sandals instead of loafers like the Japanese girl has because Nigerian girls wear sandals to school not shoes.

The hard part… colouring and shading with Copics (^_^)

School sandals coloured

Yellow is one of my favourite colours.
Haha!! If you went to Loyola and were in Xavier House, you had to wear yellow check!!

School bag coloured

Copic Porn ^_^

Now to erase the paper and add a background
All done!!
And there it is… What do you think? Could my sexy schoolgirl creation be destined for an appearance in a film on an adult website like collegeporn? For a first attempt, I am so happy with how beautiful she turned out.
My interpretation of the Nigerian Secondary School Girl as a Sex Symbol.

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  1. Sulihp

    wow..that was amazing! you’re amazingly talented…i have to say, i’m floored.
    Maybe you should create the instruction books for drawing African, or blacks(whatever…you get):D

  2. Sugarking

    I just love how you’re getting better at this everyday babes. This is mind blowing. It’s been a while since I drew anything and you’re starting to challenge me now.

  3. Tega

    This is a really good drawing babes…

    If school doesn’t work out…you’ve got a really good thing going for you

    Really really impressed

  4. Afronuts

    Wow! SUgabelly I’m impressed! Your creativity is starkingly obvious – the idea of turning a white manga chick into a naija.

    I’m curious….since when have u been into drawing?

  5. ♥Bunny ♥

    THANK YOU! Seriously, there is such a lack of cute anime girls of color. Well, of brown color…cuz I guess Japanese is technically of-color? Ha, anyway! This is awesome

    • sugabelly

      You’re welcome Bunny!! I’m glad you like my art.

      Japanese people are people of colour but unfortunately they seem to have bought into the White is Superior mentality wholesale because almost all their anime characters look white.

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