I want sex
…because sex is the most I can hope for
…and because for an hour
…or maybe two
…I forget that I am the only one who feels this way
…I forget that I am the only one whose heart beats so fast
because for an hour
…or maybe two
…with you I feel happiness

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  1. flabby

    Stop being a sadist and stop going back to the source of your pain. Emotional abuse? father that doesnt acknowledge? having so much pain, it spills out of u and u dont know how to cope? ive been there over and over- but this- what ur doing now? crawling back to hl- its not helping AT ALL. Get out of your head! stop waiting for someone to come and rescue you from ur pain- stop reliving it over and over and over and feeling alone! You can get over all this pain- or at least make it more of a memory. But what ur doing with hl? its not helping.

    • Stacy

      It’s not very easy. It’s not easy at all. Sometimes, people never heal & even when they do, tge scars remain. Don’t be insensitive. Have you been through all this…from molestation to rape and all that? Then please do NOT judge because you don’t know how hard it is. God bless you.

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