I couldn’t sleep or think of anything good…

so I drew Faza… again

pencil and ink

Copics (yay!)
I kinda like him like this

Coloured his eyes. Now he looks more human

Coloured his makeup

Coloured his hair (my Copic ran out of ink halfway through!! *sob*)

Yay Igbo writing!! 
Bonus points if you can tell me what it says

Added my signature
(I need to come up with a better signature *sigh*)

All done!
I’m going to upload this to Deviant Art as well as the Ndebe Project

Oh yeah, just so you know…

I eat cake with chopsticks…


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  1. Dolly

    you’re talented, but then you already knew that 🙂

    hah, I eat pie with chopsticks, then i suppose cake is harder actually, being a bit more smooshie…yeah

  2. sugabelly

    @Sting: *whistles and stuffs fingers in ears*

    @Leggy: You can borrow as long as you credit me. I didn’t do this drawing for any specific purpose.

    @Dolly: Thanks!! I don’t like pie, but that cake was too yummy looking to resist.

    @Retromus-ik: Thanks. It says “Azie Faza nwa Fenenu nwa Eri si Nri”

    (Prince Faza, son (well really child) of (King) Fenenu son (again well really child) of Eri (the first human man according to Igbo mythology) from Nri (the oldest Igbo kingdom)

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