I Woke Up for the World Cup

I don’t even like soccer
But this morning I woke up 
And painted little flags on my cheeks and forehead
To support Nigeria
Only to walk in and find out that Argentina had scored us 1-0
HL watched the match with us…..

…and even plied us with delicious Japanese treats

which I am now addicted to by the way

But it wasn’t enough to heal the anguish of the other Nigerians

no, not even Japanese rusks..

..could help Osaigbokan’s pain
People of Teh Interwebz…
I am defecting to Ghana

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  1. leggy

    defecting to ghana?!ah..what happened to patriotism?
    and okay, can we get a story on hung lo?we need to know.and that guy looked so funny eh.the nigerian i.e


    hahaha, my friend who said Ghana wants you sef? You berra check hat defection talk oh!

    But really that guy’s pic is hilarious!

    How now, Sugabelly? We need to e-talk soon, sweetie. We’ve got work to do…


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