Today is the Deadline

So I did a new drawing.

Unfortunately, I didn’t draw anything appropriate for submission. Used this as a reference. Will continue drawing till morning.

Pencil Work


Inking Complete

Pencil Lines erased

Colouring complete (yay Copics!!)

Did some shading

All done!
Yay Procrastination!!

Note: I still haven’t drawn what I’m supposed to draw. FML.

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  1. leggy

    i just hate it when talented people try to sound modest when my drawing consists of drawing a stick figure that doesnt even look anything like..anything.
    really, really, really nice drawing.

  2. The Misses

    I like the picture that you drew but does she have a name? If what you are suppose to draw is as good as this, you’ll do fine when you do get around to drawing it.

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