A Message from Nigerian Fiction

See it Here =D

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p.s. I’ve been really busy because this is the last week of classes and finals start next week, but this means a lot to me so I just wanted to say this. Stayed up all night drawing this. 

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  1. Yegwa

    Very nice, Really like your art style. Love the headpiece/hairpiece on the girl on the left.

    Also, congrats on a 100 members! The site is really cool and got me writing prose again. Posting there under the name ivwri.

    Keep on putting out the goods.

  2. sugabelly

    @everyone: Thank you!

    @Azazel: You might not be able to write, but you can read!!! And you can favourite the stories you like and leave comments encouraging writers you like!!! =D

    @Yegwa: I saw!!! You write really well!!! I’m faving your stories

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