The Making of Nigerian Fiction

I thought I’d do a little post showing part of the process of bringing Nigerian Fiction to life.

Preliminary sketch

Starting the first face

Starting the second face

Both faces done

My Copics!!!!!!
(I just wanted to show them =P)

My calligraphy pen which I also use for inking

Beginning the base of the owu (thread) hairstyle

Hair for second girl done

Beginning hair for first girl

Hair completed

Inking completed

Erasing pencil lines

All done!

I started this in the waiting room of the dentist’s office and continued when I got back to my dorm

I was trying to decide on a suitable hair ornament for our Igbo girl

I couldn’t decide so I inked first

…I ended up picking a chameleon since it’s such an important traditional Igbo animal (along with pythons, tortoises, eagles, hawks, mermaids, and smelling ants)

Inking the hair and hair pins

I erased the eyes to redraw them later

Inking almost complete

All done! Yay to intertribal love!!!!

I’m working on a coloured version

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  1. bob-ij

    You’ve always been really talented that the art thing! So excited you’re back on it! Really excited abt this like really!! yay to Nigerian fiction! Very good idea.


  2. Miss FlyHigh

    ugggggghh I’m so jealous!!! Your so creative, God has blessed u man!!!

    I was literally screaming when I saw this hehehe my sister said ‘if you like cry!’

    well done hun 🙂

  3. sugabelly

    @everyone: Thank you so much, and don’t forget to sign up.

    @Kola: Thank you! I know you write (or at least are a fan of writing) so we’d love to have you!!!

  4. sugabelly

    @sugarking: four different people have told me that! It’s really creepy.

    And you had better join Nigerian Fiction or I am going to make you sleep on the verandah when I build our mud mansion.

  5. Tayo

    Absoluteley love your writing.Your blog is increasinly becoming like my daily fix when you dont post really start to get twitchy’.

    Not going to go all Dr phil on your behind, but I do think you’re slightly naive though in general life and in relationships in particular,perhaps due to a sheltered up bringing.As a Nigerian your openess on host of issues is a huge flaw and does you much diservice.

    I hope you learn pretty quickly that certain things are best confined to remaining under the lock and key of one’s heart.Sharing isnt always the best way to heal.

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