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(You have to be a member to read this story since it is rated MA – Mature Adult for graphic content)
I know, I know, and I’m sorry, but we’re trying to protect the young ‘uns from seeing stuff they shouldn’t.
Just in case you were wondering:
Anyone (member or not) can read stories on Nigerian Fiction that are rated T and below.
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The literary scene at Nigerian Fiction is craaaaaaaazy and we’ve already discovered some mega talented writers.

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  1. F and M

    I really liked your story… Without being overly sympathetic or condoning what he did, it showed that he was only just a kid… A confused kid. Did I mention that the website is awesome? 🙂

  2. Neogogo

    Love this! Feel like I’ve been waiting for this. All my half-assed fan fics and drabbles (see intense literary efforts) shall land here.
    Also done a bit of cyber stalking on you and found out that you’re an Ikuta Toma fan.Being a Nigerian girl that loves Toma-kun would makes you my brethren even if we had nothing else in common^^!
    Check me out at http://neogogo.wordpress.com You will find a lot of Kpop, K and J Doramas, some anime, manga and gaming stuff and nothing very edifying in general! Hope u like! Ja-neh.

  3. sugabelly

    @Neogogo: Sweet!! I can’t wait to read your writing. But remember though, Nigerian Fiction can only accept stories that are either set in Nigeria or that have Nigerian main characters.

    So if you’re going to submit fan fiction, then it MUST be set in Nigeria if your characters aren’t Nigerian and vice versa.

    Also, we only allow fan fiction of Nigerian work.

    Sorry it’s a bit harsh because I totally love fan fiction too, but we can’t accept Japanese fan fiction or any other non-Nigerian fan fiction.

    Other than the incredibly insane strict rules, you’re welcome to post any and all of your stories on Nigerian Fiction. Totally excited about reading your work!!!!!


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