Happy 101 Award

Eccentric Yoruba tagged me. Yay!! She’s back because she’s done with the dreaded NYSC. I think I’m supposed to write ten things that make me happy.

Here goes:

1. Kit Kat – When the world began, God said “Let there be Kit Kat.” And there was Kit Kat. And God took a bite and saw that the Kit Kat was good.

2. Sesshomaru, the Inu no Taisho, Sa Sakujun,  Kou Reishin, and most recently, Fujiwara no Sai. – I live for smexy bishounen. Word.

3. Copic Markers – You haven’t lived until you’ve coloured agbada with BG18.

4. DeviantArt – One day, I too will be deviant. One bright, fine, mega-awesome day.

5. Igbo, Nupe, Bini, Yoruba, Igala, Ogoni, Ibibio, Ijaw, Japanese, Baule, and Bamum Art – Going to museums is better than sex, better than ice cream but not better than jimmanu. It still rocks though.

6. Traditional Architecture (from all of the above mentioned cultures) rocks my socks. When I am rich and famous, I will live in a traditional Igbo house, built out of concrete and reinforced mud. I will live there and I will love it, and all of Nigeria and the world beyond will tremble at the awesomeness of our traditional architecture.

7. Tozo, Ofada Rice, Nkwobi, and Jimmanu – My favourite Nigerian foods. A life expended without tasting these four is a life thoroughly wasted.

8. Traveling – Nothing makes me happier than wandering through the world. There are so many interesting and fascinating people, places, and customs on this planet. Insha Allah, someday soon I’ll spend a year or two living all over the continent and taking pictures of dreamy architecture, clothes, and artefacts (watch out Mali, Ghana, and Tanzania! Here I come!)

9. My friends – They are amazing. They rock, and once I reach my target weight I shall once more be able to steal borrow clothes from them.

10. Money – My inner Okoro does a happy rain dance in the presence of plentiful Ego. It’s because I’m Igbo……….Kwenu.

I tag Sting, SugarKing, Doll, F and M, Jaycee, Azazel, Lady X, Obi-talker, Solomon Sydelle, Adaora, Sirius, Nutty J, Her Royal Poshness, Leggy, Flabby, Juiceegal and anyone else that comments on this post

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  1. F and M

    🙁 Going by so many of these points, I’m afraid I have not lived at all! :(( Now, where can I find some nkwobi…

    I feel you on the money men! Don’t we all?

    OK, M and I will take this challenge to heart and have a conference of UN proportions to determine a suitable outcome… Watch this space.. Gen Gen!

  2. Jaycee

    ooooh la la. Kit Kat and DeviantArt, I love too. I don’t know but when I first tasted kit-kat I wondered where it had been been hiding all along, lol.

    I really should try Nkwobi. Thanks for tagging me… Happy 101 award…yay!

  3. Lady X

    Money in my card makes me happy. No money makes me sad. Favorite foods would have to be Tuwo and Masa (if you know what that is) and I’d definately like a preview.

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