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  1. F and M

    The master cleanse sounds awesome(not the part about ur stomach falling out) but the results. I’m trying to loose weight as well i lack determination..
    And sleeping in class cuz of FMA is completly justifiable

  2. Anyaposh

    haha…your accent is kinda britico. you said “like” alot; it’s so unnecessary. congrats on shedding those pounds. what’s the first thing you craved on day 11?

    Code name 1: Yakamahatoyata.
    Code name 2: Tohayoumakesohornyuki
    Code name 3: reyougonnabangthough?

    anyhoo… yeah, maybe you’re born with it! Maybelline baby (for the artsy thing)

    YUCK! “…you can only clench for so long”! I think we would get along 😉

    awww…you say metabolism like a typical Nigerian girl:-

  3. sugabelly


    @la Penseuse: FMA is really good. It’s the best steampunk I’ve ever seen and it’s not like all the other annoying steam punk. It focuses more on the story than on the irritating victorian crap.

  4. Sugarking

    Thanks so much for sharing stories about butts and water gushing from them you hear??!! I’m so about to dump you, just watch!!

    p.s. Your voice,.. Clark Kent on crack. Super dope!!!

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