I’m TWENTY-ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pre-Birthday dinner at John Astors

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  1. F and M

    I’d just like to point out that THIS is what a smile looks like, not that one you tried to pass off the other day… 🙂

    hope you had a really good day- you deserve it.


    happy belated bday!!! Oh lawd! Sugabelly can now drink legally. Just don’t drink and blog at the same time, missy. On second thought, please do, the results would be spectacular, lol!!!!

    Happy 21st to you!!!!!

  3. Mr. Tee

    Hi! I really don’t know U(wouldn’t mind getting to know u), but i don’t fink any1 was born a ‘Failure’ …Hell No! lol…U sound more lyk a ‘Huge Success’

    Hope u had a gr8 time(Buffday)…Cheers!!!

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