Copic Insanity: A Dinka Sneak Peek

Okay, so it’s official: I am Copic Crazy. I ADORE THESE MARKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omg! Omg! Omg!!!!!! I just want Copics for my birthday like seriously! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah, just ignore the crazy girl.

So, after I did my initial colouring, I couldn’t sleep. In the 24 hours that I have owned my Copics I have learned very quickly that Copics work best when you colour really fast and over small areas.

I was itching for something to colour.

First I did a back drawing of Bilili (the courtesan from my story =D) and as I suspected, her colouring came out beautifully (because the drawing was small).

Bilili…. from the back


Cleaned and starting to colour skin

Just need to colour her hair.
Unfortunately I don’t own a black Copic Marker…yet

But I still couldn’t sleep, so I headed over to Solomon Sydelle’s blog and I read the post about her kids and the tiger and it was so funny and cute and adorable (Solomon Sydelle’s kids and their antics make for incredibly cute blogposts). Every time I read her posts I imagine these cute little Yoruba kids playing and tormenting everyone. (Cuteness!!!)

So I am working on a collection for Dinka that will be out in the summer. It’s going to be Chibi themed, and I was wondering where to start. I was going to do drawings for Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, and Tiv  but I wasn’t sure where to start. Also I didn’t have the all the colours I need so I was wondering what I could do with the colours I had. The post on Solomon Sydelle’s blog pretty much made me decide to start with Yoruba. I remember how excited she got over the Yoruba boots I dug up from some museum so I’m guessing she’ll like this. I decided to draw a cute little Yoruba boy. I have never drawn children seriously before. I only drew a baby in JS3 for my Art Junior WAEC and I drew a young boy a few weeks ago but that’s it. I’ve been desperate to try Chibi but I wasn’t sure I could pull it off.

Sha sha… if at first you don’t succeed…..

Pencil and some ink

Completely inked

Adding my signature =D

Lines drawn

Colouring skin

Colouring Agbada

Clothes completed

About to put on finishing touches

Isn’t he cute?
A little Yoruba boy for Solomon Sydelle and her kids
If you’re curious about the rest, once they’re done and I’ve put them on t-shirts I’ll show everyone.
Update: I did another colouring!! Yay!!!!
If you’re wondering why all my drawings are green, yellow, brown, and blue, it’s because those are the only colours I have.
I’m hoping to get more Copics soon.

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  1. Sugarking

    Its the camera you took these with that I’m just losing my mind for. What is it (the camera that is) aunty ehn biko. I’m so going to get one!!! Lord!!!!!

  2. Sugarking

    Omo, I just checked out the cam on Google now, the level dear o! na to begin save sha.

    Ehen, Why won’t I be rude to you, when you have refused to talk to me? Which kind of rubbish is that? abeg live me o!

  3. Bukky


    Your drawings are so awesome! You’ve really got talent!!! That being said please please where did you get your copic markers from? Thanks

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