Master Cleanse Days 5, 6, and 7

This was both a busy and lazy weekend for me. My school had an International Cultural night which I attended and there was food EVERYWHERE. Really really great smelling (and probably tasting ) food. I was so tempted. Not because it was food per se but because this was traditional food from all these countries which I’d have to wait another year to try if I missed it.

Never fear however, I persevered and ate nothing. Not even a bite. I packed my lemonade with me and drank two bottles of that in lieu of sampling all the scrumplicious food. (it made me so sad).

Sha sha, I did plan in advance. I packed a container in my bag so I filled it with all the food I went around collecting and now it’s sitting in my freezer until the Master Cleanse is over and I can eat again.

My stash of random intercontinental food
I drank half of one bottle there and then to stave off cravings
Polished off the rest as the night progressed
I’ll thaw and reheat the food next week

Friday which was Day 5 was pretty good. I woke up feeling great. Saturday was also the same way. No hunger, no cravings, nothing. However, last night (still Saturday) I did the Salt Water Flush really late so I ended up sitting on the toilet till 3am.

My final weight after Day 4 (morning of Friday – Day 5)

My final weight after Day 5 (morning of Day 6 – Saturday)

My final weight after Day 6 (This morning -Sunday, Day 7)
Woohoo!!!!! I’m in the TWENTIES!!!!

So I was sitting on the toilet, talking to Mellowyel when I realised how FED UP I am with these Salt Water Flushes. First of all the salt water is disgusting to drink. I almost threw it up last night but I managed to down the whole bottle AND not throw up. Second, it makes you poo gallons and gallons of hot peppery water.
Third, the pepper burns your ass. Fourth, sitting on the toilet for two hours plus at a time makes me legs fall asleep which is not cool when I try to stand up and subsequently fall down.

Salt water flushes are NOT cool. I definitely will not miss them when this cleanse is over.

In fact, I became so fed up with my new ultra close relationship with the toilet that I decided to draw a self portrait of myself doing my new compulsory favourite activity.

Mind you, I drew this WHILE I was ACTUALLY sitting on the toilet and talking to Mellowyel so it’s not been inked or anything. And I haven’t even finished drawing my hand because I’m bad at drawing hands and I have to practise more.

Yes, I really do take my laptop to the bathroom with me
I also take my sketchbook, my phone, my keys, my journal, a yard stick, two erasers, 5 pencils, and an ungodly number of pens

Congratulations, you have now officially seen my nyash.
Yeah, I really was wearing a hoodie and I had my jeans around my ankles like I always do
I used to always sit on the toilet naked
But after I left the door unlocked by accident one time
I’ve decided it’s wiser to confine my penchant for nudity to toilets to which I have exclusive access

The frilly stuff you see me sitting on is toilet paper
I am one of those girls
I toilet paper any and all unfamiliar toilet seats before sitting down
Dianyi, this is America
Only goodness knows what evil disease is waiting on the toilet seat
Bent on inflicting itself on your bottom
The fear of Herpes is the beginning of wisdom

In other completely random news:

I stopped by my school’s bookstore to buy some new black pens ( I NEED to have black pens. I use only black. Blue ink is for losers and Non-Believers), and I came across something familiar that had me jumping up and down like an idiot.

You know you’ve been in America too long if this has the ability to excite you

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  1. Formerly stealth reader

    i am so interested in knowing the outcome of this cleanse and the total lbs lost, i thought i couldnt do the cleanse (not sure if i could either) but my interest is piqued and i am considering doing it. the pooping still scares me seeing as thats one activity i already hate in normal life. hmm we’ll see.
    still part of supporters club! you did it!! (well almost lol)

  2. BBB

    hmmm the constant thing with me in d toilet is a novel…..

    hmm maybe i shud do d saltwater flush
    might be hard but its obviously effective

  3. aweleuju

    lol @ the closeup…..what had me jumping like an idiot this weekend was that my local Tesco ( Walmart for Yankee guys) started stocking the green indomie (onion chicken flavour), previously they had only the yellow one (chicken) and I hate it so you can imagine that i promptly 4got the reason why I went there in the first place and came out with only the ‘green indomie’

  4. Sting

    I wish i could do the salt water flush, but i know for sure that would be suicide cos of my stomach issues. I can’t get over how good u r with drawing. I haven’t even attempted drawing anything cos i feel like i would suck. Where do u go to learn how to draw stuff? I don’t think i am ready to draw from my imagination just yet.

    I’m glad the master cleanse is working so far. Before u knw it 10 days will be over and no more peppery poop.

  5. lahlah

    what i don’t get is what keeps coming out during your “fire shittin” (pardon moi). nothing in your stomach since sunday, how come, any hoot bikini season look out for sugabelly

  6. The Misses

    Don’t know if i could do something like this but good luck to you. It seemm like something that’ll make you regain weight fast since you are losing it fast. What ecited you about the toothpaste?

  7. Anyaposh

    yes! this is cause for celebration, you’re dropping the lbs. remember that a lot of those shed pounds could be water weight so don’t be too frightened if you bump up 5 lbs after the cleanse. But good job woman! I admire your discipline & consistency.

  8. sugabelly

    @leggy: i’m sorry. I have a math test later today but once I’m done I’ll sit down and answer all the questions in the comments for the whole week.

    I promise.

  9. Omotee!

    WAOH! i envy u! i am on some weight loss program which is so difficult and i dont see myself droping yet.

    since u practically live in ur toilet, u can carry all those long things, lol.

    nice sketchings but will like to see the real nyash, lol


    Sugabelly, biko bia, tell me that was no sushi I saw in that container that you said you were going to put in your freezer.

    Please, please, please tell me I saw something else. I cannot even concentrate thinking you might be freezing sushi….

    Did you see where that Close Up was from? Asia or Latin America? I’m curious.

    Take care sweets.

  11. LucidLilith

    Okay- first of all….I can’t believe I am the only one that prefers to sit on the throne totally naked. Now scratch that image from ya mind.

    Secondly – if the toilet is in your home/apartment, no need to fear. Just spray antibacterial spray on the seat. Plus, it is a well known fact that the hands are dirtier than the bottom. Go figure. You can get herpes from a handshake. Yuck.

    Thirdly – dont worry about jumping up and down like an idiot. I did the same thing when I saw VitaMalt in a grocery store.

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