Master Cleanse and Some Art

So I suggested to Sting that we have a weight loss competition. Not because I want to have a weight loss competition but because we both want to lose weight and it’s always easier when you have someone to report to or someone doing it with you. I’ve got to admit though, there is a competetive side to it. Is it cheating if I buy HCG for sale online to help speed up my weight loss easily and cheaply?
My original starting weight last term was 251lbs but by the end of the term I had dropped to 233lbs. By the beginning of this term however, I had gained a couple of pounds.
Sting already fell off the bandwagon (she put up a post a few days ago saying she was sick and so had to eat) so I’m officially declaring today the start of our diet. A few friends of ours have been doing a Houston weight loss diet and have been losing a considerable amount of weight and I’m slightly envious, so today I am back on track!
The rule is, whoever reaches their target weight first wins.
My target weight is 125lbs.
Starting from later on today I will be doing the Master Cleanse for ten days and I will update my progress here daily. Sunday was the preparation day and I went out and got all my ingredients that I would need to do the cleanse.
I’m following the rules on, and I already took the beginning laxative so I’m assuming that I shall have to visit the toilet pretty soon (gross I know, but necessary). I’ve never taken a laxative before in my life so I’m very nervous about this.
My starting weight is 238lbs.

Yes, that is my scale, and those are my feet.

Here’s my equipment:
Lemon Juice
Maple Syrup
Cayenne Pepper
Sea Salt
Measuring Cup
Long mixing spoons
Measuring spoons
Brita filter
So basically I’m going to mix two tablespoons of lemon juice with two tablespoons of maple syrup and 1/10 teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper with 8oz of water and I will drink eight cups of this every day and forgo all food whatsoever for the next ten days.
It will be hard. I will be hungry. I probably will even be miserable, but I hate being fat more than I fear being hungry.
At the end of everything if I am successful, I will post before and after pictures. But until then, here is my starting information (taken on Sunday):
Master Cleanse Pre-Day:
Starting weight – 238lbs
Chest circumference (below breasts): 36 inches
Chest circumference (above breasts): 38 inches
Chest circumference (breasts included): 45 inches
Waist circumference: 36 inches
Abdomen circumference: 44 inches
Hips: 48 inches
Thigh (single) circumference: 30 inches
Calf circumference: 17.5 inches
Ankle circumference: 10 inches
Upper arm circumference: 15.5 inches
Lower arm circumference: 12.5 inches
Wrist circumference: 7.5 inches
Neck circumference: 15 inches
And before you scream in horror, remember that I’m practically six feet tall (I’m 5ft 11.5 inches) so it’s not like I’m short and stout or anything.
In other news, last night I couldn’t sleep so I decided to draw something. I ended up with this.
A random drawing (not a character from my story)

Beginning the inking

Inking almost complete

Not sure what to do with the body
Cleaned up (pencil lines erased except for jaw shadow – still afraid to ink that part)

Utomi – a character from my story
She’s not finished yet
And that thing next to her is a peacock (or at least it will be)

My sketch book is full of semi-finished drawings 🙁

My very first attempt at colouring with marker!!!
I used washable markers to do this so it’s definitely not as good as it would have been if I had used an alcohol based marker.
Also I did this drawing and coloured it on a piece of scrap paper I found in my bag.
His skin is green, his hair is purple, and his eyes are orange.
Yeah, so that’s what I’ve been up to. I’ll be updating every day until the diet is over. I’m not looking forward to the salt water flush at all. I have to mix a tablespoon of salt with a litre of water and drink it all at night. It’s supposed to make me poo. There are a couple of bloggers that have done this cleanse (no Nigerians that I know about though) and they all came out with improved health, radiant looking skin and a sunny disposition so I’m hoping my results will be positive.

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  1. L-VII

    Wow, you are tall! I wish you luck with this whole thing but are you sure it’s safe to be doing this?

    Surely this Maple thingy is a poor substitute for real food. Why not eat some salads or something?


  2. BBB

    wish i could join u have this stubborn 30pounds that just wont dissapear UGH!!!!!

    maybe i will start up a blog
    so i can post what i eat daily might make me serious 🙂

  3. Sting

    Chineke!!! Girl, u r not playing o! Should i be scared? Anyway, i lost a pound. I will take a picture of it and put on my blog in the morning. I can’t do master cleanse cos i have gastritis and i don’t think my stomach can take it. Anyway, since u r ready, i am ready too oh.

  4. Mamuje

    Interesting, I am looking to cleanse my system too. Hmmmm, but isnt salt supposed to retain water in the body? I am 70kg (dont know what it is in pounds, probably 156, but yet I am up for more weight loss too. My target weight is 55kg. Hmmmm, lets wait and see.

  5. Kilishi Diaries

    So I’m about 6 ft as well, a healthy weight for us ranges from mid130s – 170 lbs depending on your frame ( Your target weight of 125lbs would make you look like a lepalicious skeletor!!I have a friend who did this diet and it worked initially. She had to figure out how to sustain the weight loss since ‘Man shall not live on maple syrup & cayenne pepper alone’ I wouldn’t consider myself overweight but I’m definitely on a quest to loose 30lbs…6-7 down so far!Once you start seeing results, it’ll be great positive reinforcement to stay the course! Goodluck & Godspeed!

  6. LucidLilith

    It seems your ideal weight is between 140 and 160 … not 125 for your height.

    Also, without a lifestyle change…eating less and increasing activity, you will only gain it back. Trust me. I have been there.

    I wish you luck in weight loss but I dont condon this method.

  7. Anyaposh

    wow…5’11, you’re packing woman! my housemate did the master cleanse last year; he got hungry, whiny and irritable fast but he gave up on day 6 after I brought home apple pie!

    good luck with it; i’ll be rooting for you to shed major lbs! To get to 125lbs will take many moons so why don’t you give yourself phases so you can enjoy small victories?!

    So say aim for 200lbs, then 190lbs, 170lbs, 150lbs, 130lbs…or how low you want to go?

  8. sugabelly

    @Mamuje: So the salt water mixture is completely indigestible. i.e. it goes straight out.

    @everyone who mentioned target weight: I’m aiming to be underweight by about ten pounds because I know that once you transition back to a normal (albeit healthier) diet you gain some weight back, so if I end my diet underweight, after transitioning I’ll be normal weight.

    @everyone else: Thanks!!! This is going to be interesting.


    OMG!!!…randomly stumbled upon this today and I am scheduled to begin the master cleanse tomorrow morning…even more interesting, our starting weight is exactly the same…I hear the first three days are hardest- hopefully I make it through those and then I will be good to go for the remaining 7. You should be towards the end of yours…so how has it been?

    wow…I think this might be my first comment on your blog ever…I have been reading/following for a min tho:)

  10. Miss FlyHigh

    hmmmm is this good for ur skin? I know I would look so ill even tho I wld loose the weight. why not just do a detox? a bit late now ur on day 9? heheheh all the best tho 🙂

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