International Marketing: The Fruits of Sweat and Blood

So, after weeks of shouting begging screaming and nearly throttling my group members. And after the fact that I stayed up till 6am re-writing and writing 40 out of the 53 pages that went into our project, and after all the drama and frustration that I experienced, I was finally rewarded for my efforts.

And let me just say this.
If any of my group members so much as give themselves too much credit for this I will simply print out all the emails I sent them giving them the answers to their portions of the project and paste them on the wall.
Nonsense and Ingredient.

Ah, the pride =D

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  1. ~B~

    Congrats! Thank u for changin the perception of ur team members about Naij, albeit forceful, they’d think twice now b4 writing anythin ignorant again! 🙂

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