A Charming Quote

..from my Belgian International Marketing group member:

Literacy rates in Nigeria average 68%, when leaving women out of the picture and taking only men into account it reaches 75.5%. This could be a consequence of the fact that in most of the country women are considered to be servants of men and are supposed to serve them. Thus forth they would not require the education some men need.

This is an actual excerpt from his report on Education in Nigeria that he submitted to me to include in our analysis.

Three cheers for Laziness! Bonus points for latent racism!! Penalty goal for latent sexism!!

Hip!!! Hip!!! Hurray!!!!!

I’m not even going to waste my brain cells wondering if he even Googled Nigeria.  Hey Myne Whitman! Hey Sting! Hey Eccentric!! Hey B!! Hey Juicee!! Hey Every FEMALE Nigerian Blogger!!! I didn’t realise we were all shackled in servitude to random men!! How unobservant I am. Oh wait, my master is calling me to clean his toenails!! I simply must run.

I must not brush the Belgian

I must not brush the Belgian

I must not brush the Belgian

I must not….

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  1. Oo


    I think after the course, you should find time to discuss and educate the people. If they don’t know, they don’t know. Let me recommend something that might work. Gather your classmates and BEG them to watch Chimamanda’s TED talk. It might work. Let me know how it goes.

    Do not brush the Belgian
    Do not brush the Belgian
    Do not brush the Belgian
    Brush the American 😀

  2. Last Born Child

    **To preface what I’m about to type, let it be known that I am a West African female living in the UK**

    I read the quote from your group member. I have no issue with the first though and the final thought. I think this person made a genuine attempt to analyse some data they were presented with.

    The Belgian wasn’t talking about urban dwellers – they stated “country women” twice. In my country, it is common for men to be educated above women in remote area because a woman’s education is perceived to be gained at home.

    I don’t particularly see laziness (as I presume they pulled the statistics from somewhere). I see no racism though I see latent sexism. Now, your group member could have interpreted the statistic in ways that didn’t include stating women were inferior to men, but they come from the Western world where any kind of disparity may be considered as a forerunner of inferiority. It is for us to demonstrate that our forefathers viewed male and female education differently and approached education in such a way because the roles either sex had to perform in their lives required different kinds of preparation.

    On the sexism point, someone might need to remind this group member that things were very similar in the Western world – case in point the suffragette movement.

  3. sugabelly

    @lastbornchild: By “country women” he was referring to ‘women of the country of Nigeria’. He meant Nigerian women in general, not women in rural areas.

    This whole thing is an ongoing saga. You need to read the previous posts on my international marketing class to appreciate the standpoint of my classmates.

    Urban dwellers were included. Do not be fooled by his use of the word country simply because British people refer to rural areas as the Country.

    There was latent racism involved (there was massive protestation when it was decided that we should do Nigeria) and judging by the REST of the document he submitted to me, there was a lot of laziness involved.

    According to this same Belgian, in the same document “The president of Nigeria is Musa Yar’Adua… Nigeria practices a rotationary presidential system where every year a new president from a different tribe is chosen”

    He did NOT do his research. He just slapped together something last minute and called it a day.

  4. Last Born Child

    Cool. I was taking his words at face value – I tend to do that a lot. I guess my interpretation of country women was biased by Brit-speak.

    Oh and I have read your posts on the saga – I commented on the post-trade bloc discussions entry and left a link for Chimamanda’s TED speech.

  5. Sting

    Lol @ my master is calling me to clean his toenails. I actually cringed when i read the “women are considered to be servants of men”. Na wa! I don’t even know where to start with this one.

    Did he make this up or can he back that rubbish with a source? My dad said something to me during our long drive last week. I don’t remember what we were talking about but he said the average American is not a smart person. I asked him why he said that and he said they have no idea what is going on elsewhere in the world besides America. They can tell u about football and the stock market but when it comes to anything international, they don’t know jack. I am inclined to believe him now. Sarah Palin displayed such ignorance, as do the people who still ask me questions about my perfect English and if we have airplanes in Nigeria and that type of stuff.

    I’m tempted to say you might be fighting a losing battle, cos really u can’t force someone to be interested in something they have zero interest in. However, i would say don’t give up. He needs to go do some more research and come up with the right information. He cannot be making ignorant statements like that just to back up his stats.

  6. juiceegal

    Okay this just takes the cake…i’ve read the other posts and quite frankly i can’t even blame it on ignorance anymore. Really??we are supposed to serve men?? wth??? okay i’m burnt……He needs to be brushed….badly for that matter…nonesense…big hissss!!!!

  7. F and M

    I see where lastbornchild is coming from because I know for a fact that many people still see educating a male child as more of an investment than doing the same with a female child because “she will go to her husband’s house anyway” while the son will “carry on the family name”. The quotation marks are for a reason; I did not make this up. Till this day, people chase first wives away because they do not provide male children. I mean, if your baby factory is broken or lacks variety in its products, you should replace it abi?

    The mistake the guy made was in generalising like that. Literacy rates are influenced by any other things like financial pressure and ignorance about possible opportunities. I feel for you sha; this is really a “saga”. May God give you strength.

    LOL @ going to clean your master’s toenails… Hope u clean am well…

  8. Myne Whitman

    His facts are about right but his laziness overran his common sense. Yes Nigeria is still mostly patriarchal and sexist, but women are not less educated because they are “servants of men”. You have your work cut out SB, but not in brushing the guy, lol…

  9. ~B~

    Don’t brush him! They’ll blame that on ur ‘Savage-African-Agression.
    I wont even blame racism or sexism in this case.
    Ignorance is the main star of d show, featuring lack of common sense among others.
    Like Sting said, to these pple anythin not American or European is not worth knowing about.

  10. One3snapshot!

    BRUSH him jare, what nonsense.
    I usually think you should calm down when you argue but at this point, you have the right to get angry. First of all this idiot is messing with your grades and insulting you to boot.

  11. Waffarian

    I just think he can’t speak English properly…

    I haven’t read your other posts about this class though…but based on just these sentences I can immediately see that this person has a problem with the English language and has a problem expressing himself in English properly.

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