I really want to put my work up on Deviant Art, but I’m scared.

The artists on DeviantArt are so good, it’s crazy and I feel completely intimidated and in awe at the same time. I have a DA account and I use it to fave and rate artwork that I really like (which is a lot) but my work is nowhere near the quality of work of the artists I admire on DA and I’m afraid that if I put my stuff up they’ll laugh at me.


I hope to be as good as them one day, but right now it feels like I’m reaching for the stars and my artistic goals are so far away it’s almost hopeless. I mean, this is better than it was before, at least I’m drawing almost every day now which is a massive change from last year. I hadn’t drawn anything worth mentioning for close to six years and my skills are beyond rusty. Also, I’m nowhere near good enough to even begin my graphic novel so my general feeling whenever I visit DA is one of awestruck humbled hopelessness. It feels like I’ll never be good enough, like I’ll never be as good as them.

I think I’m getting better. Since I don’t take art classes I try to do all the tutorials on DA and I observe and make notations from the work of artists I like but still compared to them I feel like a tiny insignificant insect. 🙁

This is all I’ve done so far (finished and semi-finished work only – no unfinished work below) since I started drawing again. There’s no way I could possibly work up the courage to put it on DeviantArt so I’ll just post it here… where it’s safe…

East meets west
Part of the drawing series from the last post.

Girl with water pot

Profile practice

An Igbo Cross-Dresser/Transvestite
Semi-finished, if you look closely you can see the resemblance to the ladyboys that you can currently see when visiting Thailand, learn the facts here now about ladyboys and shemales as they are also known as.
(haven’t done design of nabi and haven’t coloured)

Igbo buns seller
(haven’t done designs on nabi, haven’t coloured)

Junior Courtesan / Courtesan-in-training from my story

The head courtesan from my story

Three heads
Semi-finished (still need to do outer lines)

Ndidi (a character from my story)
The twins’ stepmother (i.e. their father’s second wife)
Semi-Finished (Haven’t decided whether to add clothing)
Not to even mention the fact that in order to do a graphic novel I have to be as good as a professional mangaka. How am I ever going to get on Kayono‘s level? Or Moyocco Anno?? Or even Rumiko Takahashi?
*Goes to sit in corner and cry*

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  1. Oo

    Confidence!!! You have it in you just believe in your self.

    Art is subjective so you will always find those that love your style (e.g me. So I am waiting for the links to your Deviant Art page 🙂

  2. Oo

    Have you ever thought you might be a pioneer in Nigerian (Igbo) cartoon art? At least in this modern era. My own suggestion is not to try to be Manga… Manga is Asian and they are all the same to me. We have our own omenala and you are expressing it fine…very fine. 🙂

  3. mellowyel

    you’re lucky you don’t live near me or else i would have come over and beaten you over the head with a stick. COME ON WILL YOU POST YOUR DRAWINGS TO DEVIANT ART ALREADY??? like Oo said, this is YOU and YOUR style. and it’s amazing! yes you need to brush up on your skills but that doesn’t mean the pictures are already awesome. now, hurry up and post them to deviantART (and post the link) or i’m not giving you your present anymore 😛

  4. eccentricyoruba

    you should definitely put your artwork up on deviantart. they are excellent and beautiful! i’m sure you’ll gain the confidence in the future 🙂 keep drawing. i’m totally jealous of you as someone who can only draw manga and cannot develop her own style!

  5. The Misses

    I like your drawings and if this is your work and it’s not finished, it’ll be even better when it is finished so put your work up and let us know when it’s on Diviant Art and post the pics on your blog as well.

  6. LucidLilith

    I am a fan of DA. I get my home deco prints from DA and although I am more interested in photography, I think you have some AUTHENTIC shit right here. I would buy the drawing of the courtesan.

  7. eccentricyoruba

    just saw your comments on Kayono and the other manga artists…i guess i should mention that most, if not all then a vast majority of manga artists went to art school and studied drawing etc. also in Kayono’s case, her own mother is a manga artist so she must have grown up with home influence. as you’re a business student, i say don’t compare yourself with those who studied art. your drawings are beautiful and i’m sure if you took art classes, you’d become perfect. though you don’t have to take art classes…

  8. SweetBonita

    i have a DA account and I put my stuff up and i don’t feel like it’s NEARLY as good as your stuff! so i sure hope you got over your phobia and put it up. your work is really awesome. i know how it is to be an artist (or semi one in my case!) you’re always your worst critic. but i really LOVE your work.

  9. CeeJay Nweke

    Mehn! The girl carrying the water pot is really cute! If she existed, i’d ask her out – Ur stuff is really good! One thing I can’t get over is how good ur derawing of the hair is. U get the african hair down to the T…when I draw, the hair is like the biggest issue. I just make the thing straight o jare. Plus, I see a part of you in all your drawings. Like your mini signature. God stuff. and as for DA, well, the truth is you are your own worst critic. I started writin a series on my blog, and I critiqued it and wasn’t sure pple would like it. Apparently, it was a hit, so I’m off to continue ….lol.

  10. The Truth Hurts

    Don’t put it up now. Ode. Attention seeker. If you didn’t think your drawings were good you wouldn’t post them on here. You want to be worshipped. Die already.

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