I am heartbroken right now. Someone stole my credit card information and went on a shopping spree and drained my entire account plus overdrew it well into the hundreds. I just got off the phone with the bank and they’ve shut down the card and frozen my account, and they say we can start proceedings to rectify this tomorrow morning but I feel like the whole holiday has been ruined.

My mood is totally shot. What the hell? I’m still too stunned to cry.

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  1. Azazel

    Mehn I tire for ur case sugar belly..
    Honestly U can like to post “links” to back up your claims about ur credit card.. Where is ur proof? *sigh*.. This blog is really allergic to “fact checking”..
    Lol jk.. comment was intended to make u smile o..
    Sorry about your card thingy.. Ndo

  2. The Misses

    Do u have any idea who could’ve done it? I feel so sorry for you, my mood would be shot as well. I hope u get everything straightned out. Poor thing.

    Enigmentone or whatever his name is might have done it loll!

    Hello Enigmentone

  3. joicee

    pele…a few years ago, a similar thing happened to me….in my case my debit account was completely drained …after investigation my money was fully repaid…Cheer up it will all be sorted out in the end

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