For the terror suspect is NOT Igbo
or Yoruba for that matter…


Kai, It’s like everyone has lost their sense of humour fa!
People on twitter are giving me a hard time because I tweeted this.
Oya, I’m sorry. Ndo so.
We are all Nigerians and we are all going to get shit the next time we set foot inside an airport, but let’s laugh at the lighter side of this (since no one was hurt).

Be honest, when you heard a Nigerian man tried to commit a terrorist act in America, how many of you immediately thought ‘Please don’t let him be [insert your ethnic group]?

Don’t lie. Tell the truth and shame the devil.

So don’t be offended, it’s all in good fun.
There are stereotypes about every ethnic group in Nigeria and as Nigerians we should be able to laugh at our own inside jokes.
Thank goodness noone was hurt.

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  1. Nice Anon

    The fact that he is Nigerian is all that matters. I am okay with us being known as fraudsters and stuff but terrorism??? For a lack of a better word Nigerians are FUCKED! Now traveling is going to be a right pain in the ass!. I feel bad for those that are going to be coming back from Naija after Xmas break.

  2. Her Royal Poshness

    You are funny oh. I admit I feel a sense of deep shame because he is from the North and a Muslim but let’s face it- You my dear will still be subject to the same consequences as every other Nigerian so stop rejoicing!

  3. The Misses

    I believe the American government officials are more concerned about this guys Yemeni connection more so than him being Nigerian. I don’t think Nigerians have much to worry about because they don’t think al Qaeda have a Nigerian connection. There were another incident today on the same plane in Detroit with another Nigerian man did u all hear about it?

    Also, some Turkish people weren’t able to board a plane because their name was too long wtf!? At airports it seems as if there is no particular type of discrimination everyone is and can be targeted in some way.

  4. Omotade

    Yea, i saw that tweet and i was lyk ‘uh-oh, i hope this “he’s nt igbo” thing won’t cause trouble’. But yea, i don’t think this issue has anything to do with Nigeria. Nigerian or not, he was recruited while ABROAD, he was Muslim, and he was brainwashed. He’s a lost soul. Not a Nigerian.

  5. miss b

    I just did a post on this.
    Nice anon is right, we r d only ones that care, to the outside world, he is Nigerian first, african second and black third or vice cersa.
    we are the only ones that know or care about his tribe

  6. Anya P

    In all honesty, I knew the fanatic wouldn’t be of my ethnic group (Efik/Oron) so I wasn’t concerned. I just needed them to confirm my suspicious – & it was confirmed!!!

    To me his layers of identity are thus: 1st, it is a man. 2nd, he is muslim. 3rd, he is nigerian. 4th, he is a northerner. period.

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