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I am being lazy here. Mostly because I can’t sleep. Anyway, here is my second sketch of my main characters the twins (a.k.a. Aku).

I sketched only one person. Mainly because they’re identical twins and because they spend most of the time pretending to be one person, but mostly because I’m lazy.

Note: I drew her naked so I can use her body as a template and draw all her different clothes on later.

And yes, I know one of her breasts is wonky. I should have been sleeping, instead I was drawing.

Here you go:

Initial sketch in pencil
After I went over it with ink
Yes I know. I need to change my nail polish.
Most of it has peeled off.
I don’t really care.
Closer view of the ink

Cleaned up (Pencil lines erased)
The Igbo next to her says: Aku, Sienu, Siani
(i.e. the three characters that this drawing represents)

Yay!! Meet my main characters:
Identical twins, Sienu and Siani (known jointly as “Aku”)

So, during finals I was so stressed out with studying that every once in a while I would sneak upstairs to the study rooms in the library and indulge in my new favourite relaxing activity (writing inappropriate sentences in Igbo on the Dry-Erase Board). Here are some of the highlights of finals week:
DISCLAIMER: The only “Emekas” I know live thousands of miles away. None of what you are about to see is true. This is simply the fruit of joblessness.

Roman: Ife nine n we, n ga ye gi obuna i ga fum na anya

Roman: Mu na Emeka ra, mana osoru uso.

Roman: Ndi Igbo na kpam amu

Isn’t that the truth?
Yeah, so that’s what I’ve been doing. The pictures are all a little dark because I took them with my phone. I’m too lazy to scan the drawings even though my scanner is right in front of me. I’m off to watch Saiunkoku Monogatari. Sakujun is the truth.

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  1. The Misses

    I like your drawings, you have some talent. I have a picture of a boat i drew for Columbus Day when i was in the 4th grade if i had a camera I’d show it to u. My mom has it on her wall and won’t give it to me. It’s not as good as your pic but i like it even with it’s tears, markings on it.

  2. sugabelly

    @Gin: Of course not! And that is the main idea behind my story. Their parents were supposed to have reported their birth and hand them over to be killed but they couldn’t do it and so they hid them and had them grow up pretending to be one person (Aku).

    The story is about the razor thin tightrope they are forced to walk in order to keep up such a pretense for so long (especially in a society where everyone is constantly all in your business) and how the charade ultimately fails forcing them to escape their town in order to avoid being killed. After their escape they become embroiled in much bigger events but I haven’t got to that part yet.

    But to answer your question, no, twins would not have been able to simply stroll about in pre-colonial Igbo land. Their only survival options would have been to go into hiding completely, or to pretend to be one person, and the twins in my story do the latter (well the decision was made for them long ago, but you get the idea)

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