My happiness knows no bounds.

Last night, by sheer chance, I ate my most bestest favouritestestest food in the whole wide world.


If you think I’m crazy or you’re just curious, Jimmanu is my special name for yam and palm oil.

Ji = Yam

Manu = Oil (specifically Palm Oil)

Therefore, Ji + Manu = Jimmanu.

Yes, with the first bite I was transported to heaven. It was perfect. Just a sprinkle of salt on the palm oil, the yam was boiled to perfection.

The only problem was that the yam was new yam and not old yam. Usually I require old yam, boiled perfectly, fuzzy on the outside and soft and crumbly on the inside yet firm and porous enough to absorb the palm oil.

Oh joy!!!!!

I promise, as soon as I can afford it, I will eat Jimmanu every day. In fact, once I have a family of my own it will be a REQUIREMENT for everyone in the house to eat Jimmanu at least once a day. Oh the happiness we shall have from the joys of Jimmanu!!! 😀

And this is coming from a person whose attempt to fry eggs two nights ago ended in disaster.

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  1. Anya P

    hmm…i love yam & palm oil too… especially when the oil is boiling hot & infused with all kinds of spices and onions (slightly sauteed). oh yes…yummmy. altho, i don’t like how frying up the oil causes such a smokey storm in my kitchen.

  2. Miss Fizzy

    Used to love that when I was little. It can’t be any old oil oh, it has to be the one my grandmother makes. It is so delicious on it’s own or in owo *transported to childhood filled with greasy lips and stained white shirts…*

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