I Learned a Valuable Lesson Today

Never jerk off before a final exam.*

I got to my history exam 30 minutes late.

Luckily, my professor wanted some students to act a play before the exam so I didn’t miss any actual exam time.

*Orgasms make you sleepy. Sleepiness + Thirty minutes to exam time x An All-Nighter spent reading an impossibly boring subject = Passing out and waking up fifteen minutes after exam has already started.

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  1. sufferingandsmiling

    I like your blog and I’ve always wanted to ask you this question – do you ever worry that being so expressive might someday get you in trouble? Your face is here and errythang! Most folks don’t have the balls (myself included), so I’m wondering if the contents of some of your posts ever give you pause. Curious reader, that’s all.

  2. sugabelly

    I don’t reveal even a quarter of the stuff that really goes on in my life so I think I’m pretty good. I’ve been dealing with Nigerian disapproval since I learned how to talk so at this point I pretty much just roll with the punches. I don’t think discussing my sexual preferences should be grounds for discrimination especially when this is a personal blog. I try to keep work and my personal life very separate, but the main point of my blog is this is me. A Nigerian girl, making her way. I might as well be honest.

    But yes, there have been posts that I have had to go back and take down or adjust for privacy because people that know me read this blog. I mean, most of my friends in real life read my blog, but sometimes (especially with the posts that deal with my relationships) I have to change names and be vague so that noone’s privacy is compromised, including mine.

    I would say my blog is pretty tame compared to my journals. Fortunately, those are under heavy lock and key.

  3. Azazel

    Lol sugarbelly remove this word verification..
    And please who cares if she reveals her social security here? She’ll only get in trouble with human beings, and human beings as u know are very fickle..
    Abeg who cares, sugarbelly u only have one life to leave. Fuck people.

  4. Nice Anon

    This is the net. Reveal what you’re comfortable with. A lot of folks that tell you it doesn’t matter won’t infact say things those sort of things about themselves as well. It is a double standard. Do it with caution

  5. sufferingandsmiling

    @ Azazel — what Nice Anon said 🙂 And yes, she’ll only get in trouble with human beings…as opposed to machines and stationery…? Lol. I totally get your point, but I think there’s a fine balance between not caring and caution. Even with that, I’m very, very “to each his own” about these things, so your perspective is also well-received.

    And thanks a lot, Sugabelly, for being so gracious as to respond to my question. I really appreciate it 🙂

  6. sugabelly

    Well this is the way I see it. Yes, I blog about my personal life and yes I blog about a lot of things that most people might not always say out loud. However, I do all this on a PERSONAL blog that I keep separate from the self that I use to interact with the business world and other formal institutions.

    I don’t think there’s any fault to be found with that. If I were allowing my personal views and personal habits to spill over into my interactions with other aspects of society, then there would be a problem.

    Frankly, people will always have something to say. If I become President tomorrow and someone says “Ha! We heard that when you were younger you had a boyfriend called Bakura and you had sex with him!!!”

    I’ll say “Yeah, I did.” And that will be the end of it. I don’t understand how people take everyday mundane things (especially Nigerians) and turn them into big productions.

    I do understand what the rest of you are trying to say though. This is the Internet, the eternal graveyard of information. I am very much aware of that and I try to compartmentalize my online life accordingly. Sure there is an overlap between my physical life and my life online but I try to make sure only the stuff I’m comfortable with sharing makes it into that twilight zone.

    In the beginning, a lot of close family used to read my blog and they were uncomfortable with it. I’ve compromised (and I’m still compromising). The people closest to me understand that I do not blog because of the digital infamy of it but because this blog is crucial therapy for me, without which I would probably be another basket case waiting to blow a fuse. On my end, I am learning to limit how much I spill out about myself and my personal problems because it is a very big stage with a very big audience that feels really small but sometimes might be much too much.

    So yeah. I probably should blog more about my interests and less about my habits. Point taken.

  7. ForEva

    i thought only guys jerked off! it’s kinda of hard imagining a girl jerking off; masturbation, yea, but jerking off??!
    i’m thinking tranny, but that doesn’t happen in Nigeria, right?!

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