All’s Well That Ends Well

Thank goodness the bank managed to sort everything out. Luckily I discovered the fraudulent charges on the same day they were made so they were able to put a stop to it and I’ve got all my money back. Yay!!! 😀

I’m very happy about that. I cannot tell you. Imagine waking up and realising half your money is gone. Not fun. Not fun at all.

So, in other news, Miss Jessie’s is having a sale!! Buy one get one free!! And I’m so excited, but I’m kinda broke and wary after my little bank problem. It’s time to go make goo-goo eyes at my favourite auntie and see if she’ll buy me ridiculously over-priced but highly addictive hair products.

Top on my list are:

Stretch Silkening Cream – This thing is great for stopping shrinkage

I already have a sample of this but I want the biggest one. It feels soooo good in my hair

The infamous Curly Pudding. It defines curls like nothing else

I’ve never tried Curly Meringue, but based on the rest of the line, I’d really like to try this.

Oh, totally off topic but very very interesting, here’s a little project you should try.

Go to Google.

Type in the search box “Africans are” and then post the first 5 suggestions you get here.

Note: Don’t hit enter, just type it in the search box, Google should give you suggestions based on what other people in the world search for the most in relation to your search term.

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  1. webround

    only got 2 suggestions
    ‘Africa’s area’
    ‘Africa’s area code.

    I then tried searching ‘Nigerians are’ and I got the following top 5 in that order
    ‘Nigerians are crooks’
    ‘Nigerians are the happiest people’
    ‘Nigerians are criminals’
    ‘Nigerians are intelligent’
    ‘Nigerians are smart’

  2. leggy

    i got the same as webround then i made a mistake of clicking one and i saw loads of ‘do you think nigerians are smarter than south africans?’ websites, all from south africans.sigh.

  3. sugabelly

    @lucidlillith: Actually Miss Jessie’s products were designed with regular african hair in mind. They work very well on Nigerian hair.

    There’s actually a line for mixed people called Mixed Chicks. That is specifically designed for mixed heritage hair.

  4. juiceegal

    Hmmmm these products have gotten so many good reviews, but the manufacturer is based in America right?? The shipping and tax kills me everytime….Have you heard of oyin handmade products??? I’ve heard so much about them, i can’t wait for my friend to come down to london from Arizona with some of their products.
    I went natural..surprise surprise…lol
    I stumbled across this website and i was so happy they were based in the UK…Its good to know you’ve got your credit card issues sorted out,i can only imagine how pissed off you were.

  5. Miss Fizzy

    I’ve tried Miss Jessie’s. I’ve got the curly meringue and stretch silkening cream and they both suck in my hair. They do nothing for me at all except dry my hair out. If you’ve got the same hair type as me, save your money babe. Go for the buttercream. I hear it’s really moisturizing.

  6. sugabelly

    @Miss Fizzy: Well the stretch silkening cream is amazing in my hair. I’ve never tried the curly meringue. I have the curly buttercream but the first time I tried it I hated it. I only just used it again two nights ago and I think I’m beginning to understand how to use it so now I like it.

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