A New Week

Yay, the new week has started and I’ve already whiled Monday away. Oh well. Christmas week was quite interesting don’t you think? Thank goodness it didn’t end in tragedy.

So I did very little drawing over the weekend mostly because I have to work on my self-discipline. I spent the weekend watching another super interesting anime I’ve discovered while I wait for Inuyasha. (Which reminds me, THE NEW EPISODE OF INUYASHA COMES OUT TODAY!!!)

The new anime I’m watching is called Speed Grapher. I finished watching Saiunkoku Monogatari and I was wondering what I was going to do but I came across this new anime so I’m happy as a bug in a rug.

I did a sample colouring of Aku so here it is. The yellow thing on her neck is camwood. For those that don’t know, camwood is an Igbo cosmetic used by Igbo women. And I know camwood is not yellow, it’s really a dull orange-ish red colour but I didn’t have a marker in the correct colour so I just made it yellow.
I also tried experimenting with the Ndebe script to see if I could make it decorative. My calligraphy sucks. I’m sorry.

Anyway, here it is: (Bonus points if you can tell me what the writing says) – you don’t have to give me an English translation. Just tell me what it says in Igbo.

P.s. Please does anyone know anything about Igbo secret societies? All I know is that my grandfather is in the Ozo. I also know about the Ekpe, Okonko societies and the leopard cult.

Please, I’m begging you. If you know anything about any Igbo secret societies (including ones I’ve not mentioned here) or if you are a cult member or society member please tell me everything you know. I need the information for my story and it has to be as culturally and historically accurate as possible.


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  1. sugabelly

    @Anya P: Igbo people share many things with their Efik, Ibibio Calabar neighbours. Among those things are: Fattening rooms, Belief in Mermaids, and the Ekpe secret society (in Igbo it’s called the Egbo cult but it’s very important to understand that it is the SAME secret society).

    Yes, so, are you in a cult? Do you have any information you can share with me?

  2. leggy

    my dad is an ozo too but thats not a secret society.its just a title.
    and i think you ll need to make up stuff for the secret society part cos obviously noone is going to tell you about that.

  3. Anya P

    Ok, that’s interesting. But I wonder if an Ekpe member from Oron would be recognized and acknowledged by an Egbo member from Arochukwu. And no SugaB, I’m not in a cult and I don’t have any info to share.

  4. eccentricyoruba

    @Sugabelly, well since i’m in Nigeria i can do some field work for you. i can join a cult but do you think i’ll be allowed to join an Igbo cult as i’m a Yoruba woman? do you think it will be expensive? do i have to contact them or wait for them to contact me?

  5. NenyeN

    The much that I know is that among the Igbo, there are generally two different types of Ekpe. ‘Okonko’ is type one, and is thought to have its origins in either Aro-Ibibio area, or Umuahia area, or both. ‘Ekpe’ is type two and is found among the Ngwa and Ndoki people. Although also considered as part of the ‘ekpe culture’, the Ekpe of Ngwa and Ndoki is thought, by anthropologists, to be separate society, not associated with the Okonko diffusion. I would interpret Okonko as being a network of traders (like Free Masons) who used Ekpe-type masqurades to police and establish authority in their local area, while the Ekpe of Ngwa and Ndoki is more like local law enforcement as well as a masqurade exhibited during certain festivals (one of which, in Ngwa and Ndoki, takes the place of the general Igbo New Yam Festival).

    What I’m not familiar with is the initiation process[es] of either society. Also, if I’m not mistaking, Egbo is actually used when referring to a type of ekpe that is characteristic of Calabar or Ibibio. Also, I thought that Ozo was a titled society, and not necessarily a secret one… Anyway, Ozo is a northern/western (and to some extent, northeastern) Igbo thing, if I’m not mistaking so I’m not at all familiar with it.

  6. NenyeN

    I went and got confirmation. Egbo is the name of an Ekpe society among the Efik-Ibibio people.

    Also, another thing to add is that Okonko also, more or less, tried to, and undermined some of the traditional authority and effectively performed many judicial functions.

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