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While we’re on the topic of people internalizing racist attitudes and using them against themselves, let me just air something that has been threatening to drive me insane for the past month.

I am very much aware that Black people are NOT THE ONLY PEOPLE that go about effacing themselves in order to appear more white, or at least to appear in such a way that they do not offend white sensibilities. Pretty much EVERY OTHER RACE tries to alter themselves in some way in order to appear more white.
Note, I didn’t say to appear white (because that is futile) I said to appear more white. Or White-ER.
Now, a lot of the time when I bring this up about Black people, I often get a lot of lame ass excuses that usually go something like this:
But Asians use bleaching cream too!!
So? So because Asians are giving themselves skin cancer in order to appear whiter you think that’s a good idea? Oya follow them and jump into the fire.
Anyway, back to what I was saying. As most of you know, I have spent the better part of this term watching a Japanese anime called Inuyasha. After I finished the 167 episodes of the anime, I then watched all 4 Inuyasha movies, after which I then proceeded to read the manga (all 400 plus chapters of it), after which I then began to read Inuyasha fanfiction (fiction written by fans of the anime using the characters but not endorsed by the creator of Inuyasha, Rumiko Takahashi)
What has all this got to do with anything?
Let me explain. In Inuyasha, the second main character is a girl called Kagome.
It is very important for you to know and understand that Kagome is a JAPANESE girl. 100% Japanese. ALL her ancestors from the beginning of time have been 100% Japanese.
Why am I stressing this little detail?
Because Japanese people have Black or Dark Brown hair, and Brown or Dark Brown eyes.
This is Kagome:

Look at her well. Look at her eyes? Look.. Look… Are you done looking? Good.
As you can see, Kagome, any normal Japanese person, has BROWN EYES.
Now, can somebody tell me, why in 90% of all the fanfiction I read (and I have read far more than I will ever admit to my shrink) Kagome is written with BLUE eyes?????
From the little I understand about genetics, Blue eyes are not a Japanese trait but a CAUCASIAN one. And generally, while Blue eyes randomly shows up in other races as a very rare freak of nature, you have to have at least one blue-eyed Caucasian parent to have blue eyes, and in MOST CASES you must have TWO.
You have NO IDEA how infuriating this eye business is to me. It’s like OVER AND OVER again, the people who write these fanfics feel that Kagome is not beautiful unless they change her eye colour.
The very first time I noticed it, I thought it was just a fluke, but now three months and well over four thousand fan fics later (most fan fics are relatively short) I’m beyond annoyed and disgusted. Easily, 9 out of 10 fan fics I read portray Kagome as having blue eyes, however, Sango, who is often portrayed as unattractive (except to Miroku) is always given her correct eye colour: brown. In the same way, in fanfics that pair Sesshomaru and Kagome, Rin (Sesshomaru’s ward) is always given brown eyes because SesshKag writers view her as a threat to Kagome, who they always give blue eyes in these types of pairings.
Conversely, whenever the situation is reversed (i.e. whenever the pairing is Sesshomaru and Rin, with Kagome as the threat), Rin is given Blue eyes to show that she is more beautiful than Kagome who then allowed to have Brown eyes and promptly married off to Inuyasha or killed off by Sesshomaru, Naraku or Kikyo.
Basically, the situation with anime is very reflective of the sad reality of Asian people glorifying whites over themselves. No surprises there. Especially when Asians use creams like Fair and White, and White and Beautiful.
I mean, who hasn’t seen that Indian advertisement. According to that ad, the reason she couldn’t get a man wasn’t because she had a horrible personality, or because the relationship wasn’t working out, but because she was dark skinned. Wow, as if that’s a sensible reason to dislike somebody.
This post is about Asian anime and how Asians use their anime to glorify white people and degrade themselves. Many people also feel a similar way about hentai anime from websites like cartoon porno, although many Asian people are proud of how Asian culture is represented in anime and hentai. The man in the following video is white, but fuck it, he speaks the truest thing I’ve ever heard.

*Only for when you have the time!*

*Only for when you have the time!*

Thanks Miss Fizzy for the link

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  1. Obi-talker

    first things first….Yippy! am the first to comment. what happened to all ur fans. I bet they’re sleeping when u posted this. nice. okay seriously you have time did you say you were reading loads of asian cartoons and doing research on them. great thing we have bloggers like u cos I will never do that! so its a good thing you do all this hard work and put it into writing for likes like me. also you should meet that guy in the video he reminds me of you. you guys shud talk. most importantly honey there are racists and all sorts I know but i wil not give myself a highblood pressure bcos of that. life’s bigger than that. u know what it amazes me how i read every word you write. seriously that dude in the video is so cool that I am so tempted to stick him on my page just for sticking sake! but he does make sense and its unfortunate that this is the type of world we live in, its really unfortunate.

  2. Nice Anon

    I have seen a lot of boobs. White, Black, Asian, You name it I have seen it giving Mammograms. Asian women have “Black” areolas. In fact sometimes, some are darker than the others.

  3. The experiences of an achiever.......

    Wow..Ms. Fizzy video was a real eye-opener and funnily enough everyone depicted in the video was beautiful to me, the model’s nose was suitable for her face and she was beautiful, I felt Taheerah’s pain, to be restricted to your house because of your skin tone is NOTHING anyone should EVER go through, Mun is handsome, he does not need ANYTHING..*sigh..It is amazing what society can do to people. Going to a HBCU has done a lot for me I guess.

  4. enigmaticone

    It is so sad that these people feel this way about themselves.
    It is harrowing what humanbeings can do to others (the bangladeshi woman made me want to cry).
    I believe it is clear that there is a lot of psycological and mental issues behind their decision.
    What i found more heartbreaking was the asian/indian guy who was attacked by white youths and still wants to look like them.
    Sugabelly, this strengthenes my point that we should cease to judge harshly but seek to dig deeper for underlying issues. Some of these people may have suffered some kind of psychological damage that triggered this ‘self hate’.
    My prayer for them is that they find acceptance and learn to be happy in the form and race they were born in. These people need love, support and encouragement.

    With regards to the first video, the guy speaks a lot of truth though in an angry tone. I think the white race have sold themselves so well to the world that somehow ‘every race’ aspires to be like them. I think part of their appeal is the fact that they don’t appear costrained by cultures and oppressive doctrines – they are adaptable and their liberal attitudes appear to appeal to others who want to break free from repression. And of course there is colonial mentality and inferiority complex suffered by some black Africans.

    To be honest i really don’t understand why they are held as the ideal. But somehow they seem to have succeeded in making the world believe they are. Truly shocking considering the amount of beauties that exist round the globe, and if i am honest, i won’t pick the average white woman/man as the ideal for beauty – and by the way i am half white and have nothing against white people or any other race for that matter. I just feel so sad for people who suffer so much because of self hate. The same goes for those that hate themselves because they are fat/big, too skinny, flat chested (boob job), flat bum, want to look young forever even when you are hitting 100 lol… it is a sad sad situation.

  5. sugabelly

    @enigmaticone: No. I repeat: NO. What you are suggesting is that we should ACCOMMODATE people that do this kind of nonsense because they feel bad about themselves. Well guess what? If we accommodate them, they will not only CONTINUE to perpetuate this bullshit, but they will also serve as AN EXAMPLE TO BE EMULATED by younger generations.


    So we should pat that Indian woman on the back for bleaching? Or we should congratulate that stupid-as-fuck Black woman?

    Did you even hear half the things she said? She said Black noses look poor – as if Poverty is an inherent fundamental characteristic of all Black people.

    She said Black noses don’t look elegant only White noses do.

    I fucking refuse. I am not going to mollycoddle her just because she’s boohooing from time to time about it. After all, she had a CHOICE. And not only did she CHOOSE to have her nose shaved down, she also CHOSE to make all those preposterous judgments about an entire race of people, HER race, based on a single bodily appendage: her nose.

  6. Miss Fizzy

    In the first video, my favourite line is “it’s not a racial issue, it’s because I have self esteem”

    The second video actually has another part that deals with the body i.e people changing bodily features to look more white eg the black woman that wants small breasts to look like Posh Spice and the Malaysian man that wants to get leg lengthening surgery.

    They show the surgeries in detail and I screamed a little at the leg lengthening one….

  7. Miss Fizzy

    Am I the only one that wanted to give Jet Black a resounding slap pn her nose with the “bobble and the two flares?” She just seemed stupid, vacant, and prejudiced against her own race. She never said why she was beaten up and I have a feeling she wasn’t totally innocent in the whole affair either. If she carried on at school the way she does now, is it any wonder some girls decked her? (I do not condone violence at all by the way)

    She keeps talking about holding her head up, how can she when she is a hooker and a porn model with fake tits? I actually read the story she sent to the news of the world about her affair with Nicky Clarke and I found my dislike for her increasing. She sank very low…

    No self respect whatsoever. He is not blameless in this obviously (if her allegations are true) but I feel like she made herself look like such a huge twat especially when she revealed that her reason for spilling the beans is cos she was upset he only wanted her for sex and she thought there’d be something more.

  8. eccentricyoruba

    Sugabelly, are you saying that you agree, that anime characters look white? to me the first video offensive because it is condescending. he makes some good points however i hate when people assume that Asians are self-haters based solely on anime. i have only seen a few anime in which the characters had blonde hair and blue eyes, usually the characters i encounter have different colours of both hair and eyes.

    i’m approaching my third year of being a manga/anime nerd. in that period, i have read countless manga (some were bought, others i read scantlated), i have watched several thousand episodes of anime and i’ve attended two anime cons. i’m definitely not a manga pro but to me manga/anime characters look Japanese! i showed my friend my Korean and Japanese manga collection and she immediately said she hated the Korean manhwa because the characters looked white and she prefered the Japanese characters!

    i do not believe that anime characters look/are white. i just don’t. and i think it’s rude for non-Japanese people to convince themselves that the characters are white and take this as a sign self hate. it isn’t and just shows that no research has been done. if i decide to write a story about a girl with pale-skin and long blonde hair, does this mean i hate myself? or perhaps i shouldn’t do it because i’m African? it doesn’t make sense to me at all.

    the Japanese themselves do not believe the characters are white people (except of course where it is obviously stated and when you see a foreigner in anime, trust me, you will know) so why are we trying to tell them that anime characters look white? we come from different cultures and thus view things differently, just because Western audiences have concluded that anime characters look white, that does not mean they should blow the trumpet and say it is a FACT because it isn’t.

    yes there are indeed some troubling anime out there like DBZ where when Goku gets stronger his hair and eyes change colour however to group all anime in one big lump is totally ridiculous. there is free reign in the creative world and it is stupid to ban Japanese creators from drawing characters with certain physical features. so what about the anime characters with pink hair and red eyes? or should the mangaka stop drawing dark-skinned characters or those with afros and dreadlocks?? in the anime basquash, the only character with a Japanese name (her name is Miyuki Hayakawa, it doesn’t get more Japanese than that!) is dark-skinned and has dreadlocks. what does this say about anime and Japanese people then? yes i know it is just ONE anime but how many anime out there have blonde haired and blue eyed characters??

    i personally believe the issue is more complicated that this video suggests (i’m sorry i can never abandon one anime for having characters with blonde hair and/or blue eyes), in anime, the characters are drawn neutral and Americans view neutral as ‘white’ which is why they think anime characters look white. as for us who happen to be African, it seems we have largely accepted the Western mentality that neutral means white. also we cannot ignore how Western influence has changed the Japanese manga/anime art scene. though you may not change your mind, i think you should read this two articles; and

    just to borden your perspective…

    one last question is the fanfiction you are reading Japanese or Western? were there written by Japanese people who decided to change the eye colour of whoever?

  9. eccentricyoruba

    that been said i find a number of things problematic in the second video but as i am yet to finish watching it, i’ll leave a comment later. i’ll also take this chance to correct some mistakes in my earlier comment;

    scantlated should be scanlated (check wiki if you don’t know what it means)

    Miyuki’s surname is Ayukawa not Hayakawa. it’s still 100% Japanese.

  10. sugabelly

    @Eccentric: Ah, but I did not say all anime was like this.

    What I said was that I did not understand why most of the FANFICTION about Inuyasha was like this.

    As for the dude in the video, I don’t believe he sounded condescending at all. Maybe it seemed so because he’s white and so he’s inadvertently speaking from a position of supreme confidence and unassailed self-esteem, but he does speak the truth.

    I understand that there are drawing conventions in manga and anime that may unintentionally cause characters to appear more western (e.g. giving character big eyes to show their youth, and giving demons white hair to contrast them strongly from normal people) but artistic conventions aside, there IS an overwhelming tendency for many animes to glorify western culture over Asian.

    For example, in one episode of Inuyasha, Inuyasha went to get Kagome at school and on the way he stopped to save a small girl from a fire and some other stuff.

    Later on, when they were reporting his heroic actions on the News, the commentator said “A youth in outlandish clothes rescued a young girl from a fire today”.

    Problem: All this happened in Japan. What was Inuyasha wearing? Haori, Kimono, and Hakama.
    Explain why a Japanese newscaster should call a Japanese person wearing Japanese clothes outlandish.

    Outlandish as opposed to what? Western clothing? Are they now trying to say that Western clothes are “normal” and Japanese clothes are a freakshow that should only be brought out on special holidays?

    It’s stuff like that that gets on my nerves and anime seems to be riddled with it. And as for Japanese people believing those blond haired blue eyed characters are Japanese, that in itself is highly problematic. A White artist would never draw a character with black or brown skin, kinky black hair and dark brown eyes and then present it to a group of White people and EXPECT them to believe that that character is and truly represents them.

    The fact that any number of Japanese people are willing to believe for a moment that a blonde blue-eyed character (not stated to have dyed their hair or be wearing contacts) IS them is telling of some sort of aspirational quality that such characters might embody for Asians.

    Also, anime and manga aside, I too have noticed that advertising in Asian countries (especially ASPIRATIONAL advertising) seems to feature White people predominantly. On top of this, if you look at any of the major fashion magazines in their Asian editions, almost all the cover models are White (except for when the cover goes to an Asian celebrity).

    Gemma Ward covered Vogue India for goodness’ sake. GEMMA WARD!!!! Gemma Ward couldn’t look Indian if a blue genie turned her into one. This month’s Elle China features a piece on young fashionable girls. Out of ten girls, only ONE is Chinese. The rest are White. In Elle CHINA.

    So out of a billion Chinese people they couldn’t find TEN fashionable CHINESE girls to put in the magazine? No, these magazines put in what they know will sell, and if it doesn’t sell they don’t do it again, and they have obviously realised that White faces sell far more copies in Asian countries than Asian faces do.

    It’s not just limited to manga, and I am not basing this off manga alone. This is a REAL problem especially with East Asians.

    Let’s not even BEGIN to talk about Eyelid surgery.

  11. eccentricyoruba

    i got carried away and wrote a really long comment that blogger refused to let me post. i don’t want to swallow the comments section but i broke it down;

    i don’t believe the guy in the video is telling the TRUTH. all he is airing is his own point of view which i respect because he makes some good points but ultimately disagree with. and yes he is condescending not only because he is white but also due to his tone. if i ever come across a Japanese person who is talking about this issue from his/her own perspective, i’ll take their opinion more seriously as they are talking from their own cultural perspective and experiences.

    at first i was confused as to why you chose to embed the video since you were talking about Inuyasha fanfic (so it’s your fault for embedding the video :P). i feel that your example of that Inuyasha episode has several holes in it. you can correct me if i’m wrong but i’m assuming you watched a fansubbed version. what was the exact Japanese phrase used? could it be possible that the phrase was lost in translation? after taking Japanese classes, i’ve realised that some fansubs translate stuff wrongly and destroy the whole meaning of sentences.

    if the fansub is right then there are possibly several reasons why the term ‘outlandish’ was used. most people in Japan today only wear kimono for special functions just as said in the second video in your post, this is the effect of globalisation and the acceptance of Western ideals as the best. i’m pretty sure if someone appeared in Britain wearing 14th century clothing, they’d be ‘outlandish’ too.

    i think people take the whole blonde haired/blue eyed anime thing too literally. so what if a Japanese mangaka decides to draw blonde haired/blue eyed characters? does the same theory hold when they draw dark-skinned/kinky haired characters? (what are we to do with the creator of Afro Samurai?) it’d only be problematic if s/he also decided to dye his/her hair, wear contacts and get surgery. i also get bothered with mangaka who continuously set their manga in foreign countries. that’s the only thing that upsets me and i tend to go pass them.

    and who cares what a white artist would do? i mentioned Miyuki Ayukawa in my earlier comment, she is a character in a Japanese anime and is drawn black with locs (and violet eyes) or as mentioned earlier, Afro Samurai. what does the existence of these characters say? that Asians want to be black?

    another thing is you are assuming that just because the mangaka draw characters in a certain way, they are trying to say that the character represents them. as you write and draw, do all your characters represent you? if so why? do they always have to represent you? i personally don’t believe my characters represent me. my plot may indeed reflect my ideas but my characters do not always have to reflect how i view myself. yes i do write mostly about women with dark skin and kinky hair but i do not write these characters expecting them to represent me. it is possible that to me black skin is neutral, although being aware of racism and racial dynamics has forced me to always want to show that black women are beautiful and African history is rich etc in my works of fiction.

  12. eccentricyoruba

    in anime/manga the characters are neutral as well. if i had the time to draw and was living in a different world i would have had the liberty to draw several dark-skinned characters with blue eyes and blonde hair. of course i can’t do that now as i’m aware of the Esmerelda Eyes syndrome and i know that the world we live in cherishes its socially-constructed definitions of race. this world upholds the Western beauty ideal and as i’m aware of that, i find that i actively try to avoid being more creative with my characters. this is however an infringement on my creativity. the other day i dreamt about a character with white-blonde hair (oddly it was on the same day you posted on the blonde weave thingy) and i already knew that nothing would come from her story because i don’t want people saying that i’m a self-hater or judging my precious character. it is because of this that i support the right of mangaka to neutrally portray their characters in any way that they want.

    there should be free reign in the creative world and i admit in my earlier days, the idea that anime characters looked white did occassionally cross my mind and it was only after encountering this on anime forums that i started worrying. needless to say after my sufficient research, i am not bothered anymore. it only annoys me when they want to shove their opinions as THE TRUTH (like the guy in the video).

    now i’m willing to debate on anime/manga due to my defense for creativity and my battle against our acceptance of white as neutral. when it comes to advertising, again the video about the nip tuck whatever mentioned globalisation and that is true. thanks to colonisation which laid down the base, the whole world aspires to whiteness/Western ideals while black people are at the bottom of the pole. such is the crappy world we occupy. i can only shake my head and collect all the Japanese magazine covers that feature black models ^^

    Steampunk is where everybody is AT! lol you better watch Full Metal Alchemist and from there proceed to getting your steampunk groove on ^^

  13. sugabelly

    Haven’t finished reading your comment but to clarify, I watched the OFFICIAL sub on Hulu (all episodes are there for free). I know without a doubt that this is the official version because the “Watch Episodes” link on Rumiko Takahashi’s website links directly to the Hulu episodes.

  14. enigmaticone

    @MISS FIZZY, why so cruel? even if you feel she is an annoying twerp, she definitely did not need her nose broken. I think that is one of the cruellest comments against someone you hardly know aside from a few minutes on a heavily edited tv programme.

    @sugabelly, i believe all these magazines you talk about are of western/white origin, plus the fact that a lot of these white ‘stars’ featured on the cover have a global appeal because we all watch western movies, listen to western music, attend their concert, they have premieres in practically every continent well except Africa i think… we know about them even in our corrugated roofs in the inner cities of naija. And some of ‘us’ might have just adopted their accents from watching them too many times on naija tv because the nigerian programmes ain’t good enough. Now tell me which you would have preferred to be featured in your country’s mag, and which might sell more; the global super star or the local star?

  15. eccentricyoruba

    Sorry to be a wet blanket but just because someone paid for a license thus making the anime/manga official does not mean that they won’t make mistakes in their translations. In fact my use of ‘mistake’ is possibly wrong and limited, it’s more like changes to the original language. I hope I’m making sense but any translated work will lose some of te effect it had in it’s original language. This is even more so with languages like Japanese where one word can have several meanings. I also watch ORIGINAL licensed anime (that I pay for sadly) and I notice that they change several words from the original Japanese meaning. Now this may not be a mistake but it does upset me to see/hear these changes. And the only reason I believe the translator changed them was to make the words more palatable to Western audiences. Now this might seem a lot compared to the use of ‘outlandish’ and all I’m saying is that one should always consider a margin of error when watching anime or reading manga. There may be several other words the translators could have chosen but they chose ‘outlandish’ and we really will not know the other possible translations till we have the exact word used in Japanese.

  16. Anonymous

    About Kagome’s eyes being called blue in fanfictions, that’s because Rumiko Takahashi made Kagome’s eyes blue in the manga. No lie. Trust me, I also perfer her having brown eyes but when you realize why some people believe her eyes to be blue, you have to be more understanding about that because they know her eyes as blue from the manga. It’s even like that on the colored covers of the manga. But that’s the way Rumiko Takahashi originally made her, and in the anime, they decided to make her brown eyed. Who knows why, but that’s just the way things are.

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