I just found an Igbo *ahem* “instrument” that apparently was used in the “guidance” *ahem* *cough**ahem* of young brides to be *ahem* *kpehe* *cough*

I’ll leave you to discern the varied uses of this here implement.
Well at least now we know what they were teaching them in those fattening rooms.

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  1. leggy

    its funny how the igbos like acting conservative,do you know in the olden days in awka, a wife or husband can sleep with other people as long as they had each others permission.
    that is what they now call.’open marriage’!!

  2. iphyigbogurl

    looool….i have died!!
    ancient igbo dildo…..

    leggy…i didnt even kno u were from awka…..heck i didnt even kno u were from Anambra
    I am from awka too…. 🙂
    i aint even gon lie sha..i think awka people just have promiscuity in their blood mehn….lol…..

  3. Myne Whitman

    I doubt it’s a dildo, more of a teaching aid…Virginity was still very highly prized. Or maybe the older teachers used them as practicals sha.

    But you girls are funny, it’s no secret that as much as naija peeps pretend prudishness. Inside room or under sheets, we’re all wild? LOL.

    Have a great week Sugabelly and remember to vote on my blog.

  4. msthang

    i have no idea what that instrument could have possibly been used for lol. but i don’t think they needed instruments in the fattening rooms because i know enough women who got pregnant in them. i don’t think they needed help or teaching haha

  5. leggy

    @eccentric..i can answer that one cos i learnt it in sec school. we didnt call it fattening rooms sha.we called it something else but it was basically the same thing and my teacher told us that in the olden days that sometimes the men would hide and go into the rooms and….and that many of those girls used to get pregnant in those rooms.i learnt it in my igbo class.yay me!!
    seriously.ill find the name of the thing we called it but basically that was what it was.suga will prolly know what we used to call it.

  6. sugabelly

    @Myne Whitman: Teaching aid, dildo, I don’t care what it is. If my mother whipped out one of these things and attempted to “teach” me anything I would run screaming for the hills.

  7. sugabelly

    @everyone who asked where I find these things:

    There are three great sources for rare and obscure Nigerian artifacts, documents, references, utensils, etc

    In no particular order:

    1. University Libraries.

    2. Museums

    3. Auction Houses

    Of course, there are private collections (which are actually the GREATEST source) but those are extremely hard to find and unless the person is having a display or you somehow stumble upon the whole thing, it’s almost impossible, which is very sad because the private collections hold majority of the items that we are all dying to see: The everyday personal items (think dildos, jewelry boxes, perfume bottles, bath accessories, clothing, personal mementos, etc that sort of thing)

    Also, don’t focus on stuff in the US or Europe alone. Goodness knows I’ve found hordes of stuff I thought I would never find in the German collections.

  8. Myne Whitman

    @Sugabelly, now who’s the repressed one?

    I’m sure you didn’t run when the ones used in your condom sex ed class were whipped out. Oh I forgot, loyola is a convent no? Just teasing..

  9. lucidlilith

    This is really the most interesting thing I have seen so far on this blog and there has been plenty. Igbo people had dildos?? Is this post to shock and awe cus it is doing that. I don’t know whether to think of it as innovative, cool or downright ingenious. We would have made a fortune if we were not so uptight about sex. Shiiiyyyiiiiiit!

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