Happy Thanksgiving

Well I don’t really know what day Thanksgiving is. Shame on me, I’ve been in America for two and a half years and I still can’t make head or tail of the local customs. (Nor do I really want to – but shh that’s my secret).

Anyway, I’m staying in school over thanksgiving so I’m spending the break sleeping, eating, writing and drawing. Oh yeah, and indulging in my current favourite activity (no, it is not masturbating wildly to photos and videos of Sesshomaru and other anime stars via Nu Bay – even though maybe I should take up that activity), hunting for more historical stuff.
This isn’t really a post. This is more my lazy mind rambling. But yeah, I found something interesting.
You remember Starbucks’ logo?

You know, this one up here?

Yeah, I thought so.
[Benin bronze figure]

Focus on the god(Olokun) in the middle.
[Yoruba ivory salt bowl (top part comes off)]
I insinuate nothing………………………….kpehe kpehe

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  1. eccentricyoruba

    hope you have a nice break! and sorry to mention this here but perhaps you have not read the message i left on your FB wall; i’m still waiting for you to divulge the details of what you found (is this cryptic enough? lol i don’t even understand myself)

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