So Nice Anon Asked Me..

… to put up photos from when I was fifteen

Hmm… let’s see…
I don’t have a lot of photos from my teenage years because I spent all those years in boarding school, but here are some of the few that do exist.

Yes I know. Boarding school in Nigeria is a necessary evil.

My first night clubbing… ever… The Dome with my cousin and her friend
Yay afro!! Didn’t last long though 🙁


I took this series of shots with my very first webcam!!!
Ignore the crack in the wall behind me
I shouldn’t have been climbing up the walls anyway
Nigerian and Proud; Say it Loud
With a friend on the way to Disney World
Okay, I’m cheating because here I’m seventeen.
Plus this isn’t the most flattering photo of me
But I love my Kedu? t-shirt!!!!
In messy rooms we trust!!! =]
My first official nighttime date ever…
My Mom was giving me advice to calm my nerves
My aunt took the picture
It’s a bit grainy but hey, technology wasn’t that great back then

My Mom took these shots of me in the bathroom at home

After days of pleading
She finally let me buy this corset
This was shot for the school magazine (The Roar)
I was a senior editor ^_^

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  1. All4Naija

    @Sugabelly,I am still asking what happened to that back side in that last photo this time around?Lol!Look Sugar, you need to keep that shape. Men! You are killing me with those your youthful age photos.I love them.

  2. L-VII

    Lol @ Fabulo-la…

    SB, these are some cool pictures. I cannot believe you got away with that outfit with your cleavage all out, it’s good to look at but knowing how Naija is. You were a gorgeous teenager.. You must have drove all those boys crazy

  3. sugabelly

    @Nice Anon: lol.

    @Fasche: Trust me, NOBODY looks good in LJC housewear.

    @BSNC and TayneMent: Thanks!! =]

    @everyone: Thanks!!

    @cici: I started school here at 18. Three years later.

    @All4Naija: Unfortunately, I have always been sort of lacking in the nyash department =(. Even when I was skinny, yeah, I had a butt but it wasn’t the kind that could stop even one person talk less of traffic. 🙁

    @L-VII: Okay, so to be fair, I went clubbing with my cousin who is only one year older than me so she let me wear that top. As for the corset photos, we took them in the bathroom at home after we got back from shopping so it wasn’t like I was outside or anywhere actually wearing it. On the couple of occasions when I did wear that corset in Nigeria, I always wore a bolero over it or a jacket. =)

  4. Today's ranting

    You still look gorgeous in your present weight. Your pictures are killing me. So you had those big boobies ever since you have been that young. I really like them ooo.Lol. You must have caused a lot of traffic back then.

  5. Clara

    OMG! I read your post on BGLH! You’re GORGEOUS! I LOVE that natural hair does not hide our face, but enhance our features. Your bone structure is stunning!!!

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