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And the reason why you must always take what 18th century white men say with a huge sack of salt

Nobly arched head… oooooooooookay.

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  1. juiceegal

    And while he was at that he forgot to add……extremely flat buttocks as flat as my ironing board, freckled skin, sagging skin in old age, extremely thin lips(where most of them resort to collagen), pale skin etc.
    Nobly arched head ko…Double hiss

  2. Anya P

    the choice of words by that author was quite telling.

    see africans characterized as having an appearance of generally “ugliness”?!!!

    Then white folk, “NOBLY arched head…& that MAJESTIC beard”???!! What the FUCK is this BULLSHIT. Heck, it’s the same bullshit going on today with an insertion of ‘political correctness’ e.g., big lips versus full/plump lips.

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