HIgh School Confessions

I have always been what Nigerians in general consider “a bad child”.




In Loyola I got into loads of trouble for writing lots of lemon.

In my defense, I didn’t mean to distribute it. People just became so interested that I developed a shadowy and highly questionable fan base after someone stole my first three smutfics and passed them out in the senior block. Of course after that, I always wondered why my notebooks kept on mysteriously disappearing.

Putos Putas Memories. 😉

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  1. eccentricyoruba

    it really pains me that i never got to read any of your stories i’m being honest). i just heard the same old ‘Sugabelly is such a baaad girl’ but no one ever bothered to tell me why so i never understood. i can’t write lemon to save my life though i can seriously create slash in my mind (before telling myself to behave)

  2. sugabelly

    @everyone: So I don’t write lemon anymore, although perhaps I should, but I was eventually caught (one of my stories found its way into the hands of one of the Jesuit priests at school) and I had to have a very embarassing talk with him.

    He seemed concerned that I was writing from experience. LOL. I was only thirteen. Of course not. Either way I promised never to write lemon again and was let go.

    That and the fact that my reputation was damaged forever.

    So much for that promise.

  3. eccentricyoruba

    i find it very interesting when Western fans decide to write lolicon fan fiction…it is indeed very disturbing. the worst thing for me was not reading lolicon but actually seeing that type of manga. i made a mistake once of downloading the wrong file and i have been ever so meticulous with the manga i download since then. i have also learnt to stay away from certain anime/manga forums…

    i tend to keep away from fanfiction to be honest though i love fanart! (esp when it is slash!!!)

  4. sugabelly

    @eccentric: So I read the lolicon stuff, and I felt like a cesspit when I found it turned me on.

    Like I literally stared at my computer and felt like a digusting creature.

    Then I realised what got me was the fact that Sesshomaru would be doing that to anybody and not the fact that she was a kid. ewwwwww.

    Either way, I’ve kept vigourously away from anything labelled Lolicon. It’s way to creepy and disturbing. But the worst part was when I saw a Lolicon fan art poster. oMG, it was TRAUMATIZING. It was Rin (her 8 year old self) sucking on Sesshomaru’s penis and smiling her kid’s smile. I almost retched.

    Yeah, the best thing is to just stay away from certain forums.

    Moonlight flower doesn’t seem to do Lolicon though so that’s great. Pretty much all of their stories are about how Sessh can’t get over how much Rin’s grown since he dropped her off with Inuyasha and how suddenly she’s an adult and she has feelings for him.

    So that stuff is safe.

    Die Lolicon! Die!

  5. Nappy Sexy Fly


    You are brutally honest and brilliant. Such a young woman with a laser sharp mind is like a diamond amongst rubbish. You will not find many who are like you.

    You absolutely must read everything by Kola Boof. You two are made of very similar stuff. You will fall in love with her mind and heart. I found a forum that she posts in and was so taken aback by her arguments and passion that I went back through the archives and read every word she ever said in that forum. She is mind bogglingly brilliant and absolutely dedicated and unflinching in upholding the African Woman.

    Here is and example of what I mean:

    I googled her and read every interview, every poem, everything that is on the internet that is in her voice. You won’t come up for air for a while once you discovered her. If she had a daughter, I believe she’d be like you.

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