You know those People with Horrible Feet…

….whom we all shun?

I have become one of them

This is Cosmic Retribution for all the times I laughed in my mind at those with yucky feet because my own feet were so beautiful and well pedicured.

Chineke God, maka why???

I used to have such stunning feet!!

Upon flu again?

Why me???

Nail Fungus… I hate you.

P.S. If anyone out there loves me….. I need as many bottles of Industrial Strength FUNGISIL as you can find!!!!

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  1. bajanprincess82

    Wow, your toenails don’t look good at all. I had the SAME problem (which is why I can pass judgement on feet) and went to a podiatrist. At first I used a topical treatment (some liquid stuff) for a few weeks and nothing happened. I kept going back to get them shaved down and put the liquid on them twice a day. After that, he proscribed me Lamisil (HALLELUJAH!). That stuff is straight up sent from God. I took Lamisil for a month (I think) and for the the next few months the toenails grew out and fungus was gone. Girl, you need to stop playing with your feet and go see a doctor. That stuff is like a virus in your body and can cause other problems in the longrun. Not to mention, do you have a man? If so, I’m sure he’d like to, one day, successfully suck your toes w/out gagging. LOL

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