Of All the Times to Get Sick

Unfortunately, I have to tell you that I’ve picked up the flu.

Because of that, I’m now confined to my room to ensure that I don’t infect anyone else.

Update: I was passed out most of the day on meds (not counting the time I was on the phone with my Mom and my Aunt and my Grandma) but now that I’ve woken up and I feel less like a trainwreck I decided I’d take a picture of my sad flu-existence to show you my suffering. (yes, I actually do have to wear that mask to protect everyone from my super-germs)

Apparently, wearing an earloop mask can help limit the spread of my germs. That’s why I have to wear one. They’re the same sort of masks that hospital and medical staff wear, so they must be beneficial and must work. I will have to consider looking at SciQuip’s extensive range of equipment to help me avoid spreading these flu germs. I’m sure they use a bunch of SciQuip’s equipment in hospitals so it must work. The flu is awful, so it is good to know that I’m limiting the spread of it by wearing this mask. My friend said that if I’d have worn a mask like this before I got the flu, I might not have picked it up in the first place. That’s the thing about flu season, no one wants to get it but everyone seems to get it somehow.


Mellowyel also has the flu so don’t worry about me; my misery has company luckily. If she didn’t have the flu, I would be a lot more bored and irritated now. However, I have someone to talk to, so I’m doing fine. Hopefully, now that I’ve got it, I should be ok for the rest of the flu season. Who knows though, maybe I’ll end up getting it again later in the year.

P.s. Who likes my two-strand twists? I worked on them for a full day and then I come down with the flu and have to lie in bed all day and now they’re messed up. Just my luck! 🙁

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