My Favourite Igbo Insult is….


It means You with Saggy Boobs


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  1. sugabelly

    @poetically tinted:

    This is Awka. It’s really old pre-colonial Igbo so I can totally see if you’re not familiar with it. Goodness knows there are lots of Igbo words that people don’t use anymore.

    The Onitsha version is Alambogolo.

    I don’t know any other dialects but I’ll see if I can find out for you.

    Separating it helps though.

    Ala + mbalagada

    Ala + Mbogolo

    • sugabelly

      They’re not the same thing.

      Mgbago (to climb up) and Mgbogolo are two totally different sounds and words.

      Just because two words sound similar doesn’t mean they have similar meanings. That’s what homophones are.

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