M is for Mustapha

To be honest with you, I had no idea what I was doing. He was the first person I had ever loved that way and the truth is, I was too young and I was not ready and I still had tons of growing up left to do but I loved him anyway.

M is for a thumping heart and goosebumps and cold shivers down my spine.

M is for secrets whispered in the dark and overdoses of Never.

M is for midnight adventures, the cool breeze, and the open star-filled sky.

M is for shoulder kisses, bite marks, and the sweetest pain.

M is for the lure of the different, the beautiful, and the forbidden.

M is for everything that might have been but now will never be.

M is for The King of Pain, Elwe Singollo and Bakura

M is for Mustapha, my little beast-whore, who alone held my heart.

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  1. The Truth Hurts

    My goodness.

    You have got to be the most sensationalist, attention-seeking girl (not woman because you are immature) person I have ever come across.

    When I initially heard about you in the Lagos circles, I was a serious advocate of the aggrieved party (you). However, having since gone through your entire blog, I have since come to realise that you wallow in self pity.

    You want to be molly-coddled.

    “oh LOOK at me *bleats like a f*cking irritating lamb*,
    poor FAT Sugabelly,
    I was gang-raped,
    I have an eating disorder,
    I am constantly unwell and always at the doctor’s,
    I have daddy issues,
    my aunt hates me,
    I am self-destructive,
    I don’t bathe when I am depressed,
    I will never find love,
    I am suicidal,
    I want to die *bleats like a f*cking irritating lamb*,
    I have an aunt who despises me,
    I am near-homeless,
    I was taken advantage of
    I have emotional baggage
    I am emotionally and psychologically scarred
    I was molested as a child
    I almost flunked university because of my issues”


    NA ONLY YOU WAKA COME?? Did I miss any of your travails??

    You are a contrived and transparent actress and quite frankly, boring.

    You claim that as a result of these incidences you can no longer have music playing, period. LIAR. Throughout your blog you say “currently listening to Jordin Sparx” etc etc.

    Regarding the highlight of your pathetic acting career, Mustapha Audu, it was so obvious to me that he didn’t want you nor was he ever serious about you. Yet you kept up with your pathetic declarations of love. The guy DID NOT SEND, a blind man/woman could have sussed that. All the chasing was from your end, so clear to see from all the correspondence that has been put out there.

    In my opinion, do us all a favour and do the needful.

    Girl, BYE!

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