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The Missionaries and the Colonists used Igbo women from the late 1800s to the middle part of the 20th century as a source of soft porn. It’s absolutely crazy to be able to witness the development of taboo concepts such as pornography that have changed from this to the content we see on sites like hdsexvideo every day.

I kid you not, cultural research is the fucking shiznit:


In case you are not Igbo, oto (pronounced O as in Or) means naked. I gba oto is to go naked or to be naked.

But seriously yo, what was up with the Europeans of a hundred years ago????

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  1. eccentricyoruba

    well it was not only Igbo women dear. this stuff is part and parcel of colonialism, not only did they colonise lands, they also colonised women’s bodies. and the effect still lingers today with the attitudes some Western politicians have towards hijab or burkha, you know, they just have to save those poor Muslim women *rolls eyes*.

    if you are interested in this subject you should read Cynthia Enloe. in the colonial era, pictures of women from territories in Africa, Asia and the Pacific were used as postcards. the idea was to use the local women to advertise the land as these women were ‘exotic’. it is sad but it is what happened. and it still happens today except we have smiling ‘exotic’ air hostesses.

    and regarding freakiness, the thing with Europeans in those days i guess was that they tried to cover it probably due to religion and chose to act high and mighty and what not. what really annoys me however is that because of colonisation, the ‘freaky’ parts of other cultures have been lost.

  2. Naughty Eyes

    In between you, EccentricYoruba and the others, seems like you guys have said it all.
    I admire the voice and depth you put into cultural research thereby making your posts read like a convincing debate and not just a dodgy textbook.

    And just like your previous posts on homosexuality and the Alien African movie, you are right as usual…

    PS: Could you please put up a linked sidebar for BVKM so I can follow the episodes/series as it develops? Thanks!

  3. Ijaw

    LOL! You really should watch “The History of Sex – Part 4” on the History Channel.

    There is a great exposition on Victorian sexual morality (this is where we modern Africans stupidly derive our sense of morality from!). Victorian morality is wholly based on hypocrisy!

    Porn and prostitution were major parts of Victorian society: The “Gentleman” married a “Lady”, who was to give birth to children and stay at home and most importantly, NOT ENJOY SEX!!

    This “Gentleman” however, would go and visit prostitutes in well-known areas of town (they were very well organized!) and get his rocks off any and every way possible(sodomy included)! Of course the poor wife will have only God to ask for help to ward off any disease the wretched man would bring home!

    As a Nigerian living today, does this scenario sound familiar?

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