Proof There Are Insecure Cave Men in Nigeria

Screencap taken from from one of the discussions on Koko Mansion.

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  1. mizchif

    YUP!!! Cave man is apt.

    I wish him good success, with his illiterate wife, seeing as he must be somewhat illiterate himself as he can barely string together a correct paragraph!


  2. miss.fab

    lol if only ola’s response was directed at him… that would’ve made that comment even more classic.

    smh. so people like these still exist in the 21st century???

  3. FIGE

    LWKMD….. this comments are hilarious… Somehow id like to see rita win.. but wetin dat fellow mean by “men can cope with illiterate ladies”……not me oh. But then i am proud of rita…she has got confidence to have put up for the show…which some literate gurls aint got.

    I think thats the dude choice…he prefers them

  4. Mi

    But really now, why display your ignorance for all the world to see? Anyway, Rita believes she is literate…(she is even a teacher!) so delusional young bros needs a new role model…lol

  5. histreasure

    lol @ MI..i de wit u
    and Ijaw you r totally right..thats y some of those guys who go to their villages to take wives always wakeup in rude shock to reality after the nuptials..e easy?

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