Possibly the Best Quote Ever

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all male chauvinist murder cults. Their so-called “holy books” provide the “divine” sanction for every atrocity committed by their adherents. Despite all their pious rhetoric, they have brought nothing but “evil” into the world.

– Some Dude Named Kamenwati

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  1. eccentricyoruba

    i believe the quote is extreme and a tad melodramatic. i wonder why it is so easy for people to ignore the good that comes from religion while focusing on the bad. i also wonder why Judaism was added to this, as far as i know the Jews have not colonised continents and wiped out populations of ‘heathens’ or ‘pagans’ or ‘witches’ etc.

    i’ll be the first to say Judaism, Christianity and Islam are not perfect and probably will never be but i acknowledge the good that comes from these religions too.

  2. KreativeGene23

    there is no good in religion.
    religion teaches you to look at a book for guidance whether than look inside yourself.

    there are indigineous cultures that walk around naked without one rape ever occurring. religion turned the human body into a sex object and said cover it. they cover themselves up in the middle east and yet there are still rapes.

    judaism/christianity is elitist. Jews the chosen people of God?
    Then arabs said they are the chosen people of God. wtf?

    think about it. they said God is just God but yet he cursed all of humanity based on what adam and eve did. why should we have to suffer?

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