I was reading something mildly pornographic…

…when I came across this gem of a comment under the main article:

This comment really entertained me! Can you relate? It absolutely fascinates me that men are often so enthralled by a pair of breasts.

Life is just too short to take anything too seriously after all, especially where sex and our bodies are concerned. If we did not laugh we would cry, and sex is no exception in this regard.

Speaking of pornographic material though, personally I would even go so far as to say that, when enjoyed in moderation, pornography, like the kind of content you can enjoy on websites such as sex hd, can greatly enhance your sex life.

Just remember to take everything you see with a grain of salt. Pornographic films often involve production values and large amounts of preparation for the actors and actresses involved so try not to compare your own physique or performance to the ideals that are portrayed on screen.

Have you seen anything that made you laugh recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. All4Naija

    O boy! That is true that big boobs here in Africa is not something highly appreciated. I think I like the average types with a cup size and they taste better!Why is it that African girls boobies seem to fall quickly? My friends said african boys usually squeeze them beyond normal.

  2. Jade

    I so feel u!! looking for bras with cupsizes over a D is MEGA FRUSTRATING!!I mean, if widths up to 46 and 50 are readily available, y not cup sizes above a D??? and y must d rare ones available be soooo expensive!!!! and i really do not understand y something so stressful can be so fascinating to boys!!! I want a reduction toooo but d man says no

  3. Naughty Eyes

    No doubt, this is the kind of person who’ll be used as a researcher when Hollywood wants to make a “District 9” type of movie to be shot in “countries like Africa”…

    Lodz_au should have heeded the warning: Better you keep quiet and let the world think you stupid than you open your mouth (or type on your keyboard) and actually prove the world was right…

    PS: I agree with Pink Satin regarding certain STUPID comments…

  4. Really Random Name

    Still no boobies? Sugabelly you are really slacking here.

    A woman makes such a “big” claim (ooh see what I did here) and there are no pictures. Instead we are focusing on some petty incidence of ignorance.


  5. All4Naija

    @Pink-Satin, are you so shy to prove my point wrong?C’mon! I know that some of our girls wouldn’t want such issue to be debated;they are often shy to hear about it.

    I just explain my kind of best boobies and that doesn’t make any other bad or whatsoever. In developed world we know how much this can mean to a girl that some go to the length to implant silicon or whatever. Really, I go crazy for average boodies! I don’t think that’s STUPID(am not a child).

  6. Yinkuslolo

    @all4naija: I dont need to vindicate myself about posting that comment. but wait, i don’t have any other contact with Sugabelly’s. Besides, if by horses u mean ‘girls’, I am not obligated to comment in relation with the topic cos simply I’m X-X chromosomed.

    btw, ur initial comment is a cracker, hilarious

  7. Ijaw

    @Sugabelly: Read your interview on the Activist’s blog. Well done! I left a comment there as well (I enjoyed it that much!).

    @everyone: From the comment, it’s clear that the person who wrote it knows NOTHING ABOUT AFRICA. Her opinions about Africa are a mish-mash of handed-down opinions by racist associates, misinformation at school and nonsense put out by the media.

    She was using her warped perspective of Africa to buttress a point about the absurdity of being overly fascinated with big breasts.

    Since she does not know that Africa is a continent (I blame the education system and the media for that one!), her opinions on Africa will be rubbish and not worth considering.

    I suggest we all read the comment, say something under our breath like “idiot’, ‘goat’, ‘oloshi’ etc and move on. Sometimes it’s not worth it giving time to stupid and ignorant people!

  8. 9ja_Kuti

    isnt it a country? with states like, nigeria, ghana, capetown, cairo, j’burg, kenya, madagascar and maibe is we check well we’ll find river nile, safari, and north liontown as states or something.


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