Why Does Beyonce…

… do the same dance in ALL her music videos?

A somborri said that Beyonce is going to be the next / greater than Michael Jackson


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  1. Ebony Intuition

    I seen someone on twitter post that beyonce is the next MJ, and I said to myself say’s who?

    Don’t get me wrong she’s a great singer etc, but MJ is and was on a different level.

  2. yinkuslolo

    I even think Oprah is closer to MJ, impact-of-personality wise(?)

    Beyonce is getting there with her leotard and two support dancer(boring) but MJ was phenomenal

  3. Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen

    hahahaha Beyonce near MJ? that;s funny …the guy did PLENTY! apart from his music he travelled and impacted conutries and childrens lives for the best …. Beyonc eon the other hand has not done anything close to that … Oprah is closer as someone said even Madonna aswell I think or maybe not lol

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