My Friend Elwe

My friend Elwe, he kisses you and you smile to yourself
The only smile that you will get before you give yourself
My friend Elwe, he pulls your hair and forces your head down
My friend Elwe, he says to suck and not to make a sound

My friend Elwe, he holds you down forcing your legs apart
He sees the tears, he knows of fear, he likes it just like that
My friend Elwe, he likes to bite in places where it hurts
And kiss after to ease the pain; bring pleasure forth from hurt

My friend Elwe, after he’s done, he likes to sit and smoke
The music plays overly loud, just as, he says you moan
My friend Elwe, after he’s done, makes sure you make no sound
My friend Elwe, after each fuck buries you in the ground.

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